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The X100S retains everything that photographers loved about its predecessor and irons out the performance kinks—as far as we can tell.
Fujifilm had some lost years in the late aughts, but when the original X100 was released in 2011, it set the company on a bright and promising new path. It also endeared the company to legions of enthusiast photographers across the globe.At launch, the X100 was a deeply flawed camera. But Fujifilm steadily improved on its “quirky” behavior over the following year, and as a result, the lovable little oddball still has a fanatic following. For good reason, too: It has undeniably cool retro looks, and more importantly it’s a great performer thanks to a large APS-C sensor and bright 23mm (35mm-equivalent) f/2.0 lens. It’s a whole lot easier to carry than a DSLR, and it won’t intimidate anybody if you’re shooting on candids on the street—no big grip, no big lens.

After Fuji’s various firmware fixes, all the company really needed to fix was focus performance—so it’s little surprise that the updated X100S does just that. We got our hands on the new model at CES 2013, and are happy to report that it sure looks like Fuji accomplished what it set out to do……


If you liked the X100, you’ll like the X100S more.
The X100’s charming design and intuitive control scheme are essentially unchanged in the X100S, and Fuji seems to have addressed the original’s glaring performance weaknesses. It’s even taking steps to improve the already-strong image quality. Since autofocus and image quality are among the biggest improvements, there’s still a lot we can’t quantify about the X100S. We used a pre-production model, tethered to a counter, in a controlled environment at a trade show. We’ll need to put it through the paces in our testing labs to draw serious conclusions. Regardless, we’re almost certain that it’s a better camera than its predecessor.

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