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When the X-Pro1 was announced to a surprised market earlier in 2012 I then remarked on my scepticism at the release of a magnesium alloy bodied, mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

Then it sunk in and I added that other companies had performed ‘major rethinks about the future of upper level digital cameras: like Olympus with its retro OM-D and Nikon with its bare bones N1.’

It was obvious that Fujifilm had done ‘a mighty rethink about gaps in the pro market and come up with a camera that has some pretty clever answers to some profound questions.’ Since then there have been other models in the X-mount line and the XE-1 is the latest.
Fujifilm XE-1 Review Verdict
well above average.
Why you’d buy the Fujifilm XE-1:
you have the skills to exploit it.
Why you wouldn’t:
the LCD screen does not tilt.
The X-mount series of cameras goes from strength to strength. This sits easily into the lineup.
A fine successor to the X-Pro1.
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