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It is the first zoom lens for the Fujifilm X camera system and unfortunately, I did not have a chance to use it as it was not available when I received the X-E1 for testing.  At a trade show in Toronto later that month, I did have a very brief opportunity to use the 18-55mm at the Fujifilm booth, but I could only view the images on the camera’s rear LCD screen (and not a calibrated computer monitor) so I did not feel that I had sufficient data to present an informed opinion. I really wanted to see how this lens performed – especially since I have been spoiled by the superb optical quality of the Fujifilm X prime lenses.  But I was just going to have to wait a bit longer before I could get my hands on this new zoom lens. As I was heading off for a much needed vacation in the Bahamas in December 2012, Fujifilm sent a production copy which I took with me on this trip. This is not an in depth review as I tend not to be a pixel peeper but I wanted to pass on my thoughts – plus, show you a few sample images…..

Final Thoughts
Here is a quick summary of this lens:


  • excellent build quality
  • fast for a variable aperture lens (f/2.8 to f/4)
  • focus ring is dampened nicely
  • aperture ring feels solid with discreet 1/3 stop settings
  • sharp, even wide open
  • incredibly sharp when stopped down
  • OIS works well
  • AF is extremely quiet in operation
  • the petal lens hood is a much needed improvement over previous lens hoods


  • the $US 699.99 price tag might put some people off
  • Linear Motor provides adequate AF speed, but I expected it to be faster

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