Gear Bag Redesign – Fujifilm X-Pro1 | Bert Stephani

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My style, my clients and my way of working have changed a lot since I started out as a professional photographer about eight years ago … and so has technology. Therefor I started a major gear bag audit a couple of months ago. You can’t believe how much time, research, testing and thought, I’ve put into this so far and I still have some decisions to make. But I’m almost there. Since so many people have been sending me questions about gear choices, I thought I’d share my thought process with you in a couple of blog posts. Writing all these things down, might even help me make my final decisions. Let’s start with what has become my main camera over the last six months: the Fujifilm X-Pro1. I dropped some random pictures shot with the X-Pro1 in this post. A lot has been said about this camera since it came out: some very positive stuff as well as some serious rants. So there are very polarised opinions and I can definitely related to both points of view. It took me three full weeks of testing, a lot of frustration and a major firmware update (v2.0 changed a lot) before completely adopting the Fuji X-system.

There are still some things that don’t speak in favor of the Fuji.

Here are my biggest issues:

  • Autofocus has come to an acceptable level for most uses but it’s still not as good as the latest m4/3 cameras.
  • It’s not the cheapest camera in it’s class
  • The range of lenses and accessories is still limited compared to systems that have been on the market for a longer time.
  • I’d rather have a faster flash sync speed than 1/160
  • The electronic viewfinder could be better
  • There’s room for improvement in the way Lightroom handles the Fuji RAW-files….

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