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The Fuji X-Series, especially the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 with their X-Trans Sensors, are known for their excellent image quality. I will not get into technical details here, there are a lot of good reviews on the net.

I bought the Fuji X-E1 especially for the image quality and it’s formfactor. I have the Fuji S5 Pro and I always loved that camera for it’s image quality. On jobs I started using my Nikon more. And for the everyday and “always with me” camera a DSLR is just to big for my (lazy) taste. That’s where the X-E1 fits perfectly. Of course I have to admit, that the look of the X-E1 was also a reason to buy it. That might all sound very promising, but not everything is well of course. The X-E1 is not the fastest and most reliable when it comes down to autofocusing. Especially in not so perfect light situations (this can even just be a room with a fairly bright desklamp) the X-E1 starts to hunt a little bit. This is a result of the contrast detection auto focus. To help autofocus you can tilt the camera a little bit, because diagonal or vertical lines help focusing quicker. As a DSLR user the way the shutter release button works is quite annoying. Half pressing the button will autofocus, and a full press will take a picture of course. On a DSLR you can keep half pressing and it will save your focus. On the X-E1 this does not “count”. Even though you’ve kept half pressing the button, the X-E1 will focus again when full pressing the button.

In conclusion
I have to say that I love this camera so far. Besides the autofocus issues the camera is a joy to operate and the images are incredible. I only have been using this camera for only a week now, but I will write a follow up in a month or so.

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