He ain’t heavy he’s my lover! : Review of the Fuji X-pro 1 | Michelle George

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As much as I love my canon 5D mark ii, I have to admit that after my trip to New York I was starting to resent it somewhat. Not only was it weighty and a heavy burden to lug around all day. It also stuck out like a proverbial sore thump, not a good thing if you’re a street photographer, where discretion is key. I also accidentally whacked myself in the face with it at one point, this was NOT a pleasant experience! No wonder I started to covert the Lecia M9 the smallest full-format digital camera in the world, but as desirable as this lightweight camera appeared I just couldn’t justify spending around £10,000 on a new piece of equipment so back to London I went with my 5D between my legs. ….then a few weeks later, as I was walking down Wardour street, cupids arrow struck….there it was, sitting in Calumets window display: the Fuji X-pro 1….

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