Helen Diaz test shoot pictures ~ Fuji X-Pro1 & 18-55mm Lens | Damien Lovegrove

December is the month that I set aside for creative time. Time to write, shoot and think. This shoot has been planned for several weeks. I won’t discuss the original concepts but it’s fair to say they weredark. I have a new friend in the wedding and fashion industry Lisa Keating who partnered us on this shoot. Lisa custom made the corsets, the head pieces and accessories. Luke, my graphic and web designer is currently building a new website for Lisa and it will be ready for launch very soon. I first met Helen and Lisa on a shoot in the summer that I volunteered to assist on. I suggested we got together for some creative fusion at some point soon and I love the way that effort is rewarded.

The dream team are…

Model: Helen Diaz
Make up and hair: Vicki Waghorn
Styling: Lisa Keating
Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro1, 18-55mm OIS zoom lens mostly shot at the 55mm end wide open at f/4
Lights: Lupolux Quadlight 1500, Lupolux DayLED 1000 x2, Lupolux 800, Lupolux DayLED 650
Post production: Straight from Lightroom without Photoshop intervention
See more pictures on www.prophotonut.com

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