Holidaying with XT-1 + 4 lenses | Ivan Joshua Loh

Days before my trip to Taiwan with my wife and daughter; I was cracking my head on which lens to bring for this 9 days trip. On my daughter’s front; she is also cracking her head on which 2 precious stuff toys she is allowed to bring along to Taiwan. I am the type of photographer; that will hate myself if I don’t have the right lens when its needed. At the same time; I can’t possibly bring all. So my final decision; the Fuji XT-1 with 4 lenses. 10-24mm, 23mm, 56mm and 55-200mm. All this gears into a Billlingham Hadley shoulder bag plus space for 2 diapers, wet wipes, candy, 4 magic pens and 3 sheets of papers for Summer to draw when needed. We arrived at about 730pm at Madison Taipei Hotel after slightly more then 4 hours flight from Singapore. As we were checking in; to my horror, I realized I left one small luggage at the taxi stand at the airport! Inside the luggage there is one laptop and 2 lenses! The wonderful hotel staff, Irene Fang; is the person to look for when one have a dire situation to handle. She called the airport staff to trace for my lost luggage and arrange the hotel’s regular taxi to drive there to collect the luggage
back. What a way to start my holiday! When all the dust is settled down, Irene leads us to our hotel room; which is on level 12. She surprises us with a room upgrade! Suddenly I feel my holiday is really starting! A beautiful one……..


Fuji X-T1

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