Infrared remote, bulb exposure and intervalometer for X-Pro 1, X100 | Geoffrey Kitt

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With a few tiny changes it can be used with almost any camera with a threaded shutter button for a mechanical shutter release.

As well as my XP1 and X100 I’ve also got it working with my M9. The difference between one camera and another is the amount by which the cable needs to travel to trip the shutter – it varies considerably from one camera to another. The M9, foe example has a much longer release stroke that either of the Fuji cameras. Adapting the unit for different cameras is simply a matter of reprofiling the cam fitted to the servo and / or changing a few lines of code.

I experimented with quite a lot of different approaches before settling on the IR remote trigger. I had originally intended to use a radio release but the programming ultimately defeated me (for the time being). I also wanted an approach which freed the unit from a computer or laptop – hence the lcd display and IR keypad. Driving the unit directly from a laptop would have been easier.

All in all, a very satisfying project – almost as much fun as actually taking pictures!!

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