Leica 90mm lenses – The Summarit, Thambar, Summicron,
Tele-Elmarit and other Leitz 90mm lenses | Thorsten Overgaard

The Leica Summarit lenses have an aura of “not good enough” about them. The “Summarit Quartet” of the 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm f/2.5-lenses was born during a period with changing CEOs and changing ownership of Leica Camera AG. What now were these new, economical lenses? This was almost blasphemy for the Leica users who are accustomed to hand-made lenses designed with no considerations to cost. The opinions were divided in 2007 when the “the evil Summarit quadruplets” were introduced. But now, with waiting lists from China to Cambridge for $7,000 Leica cameras and $11,000 Leica lenses, the Summarit series of four economical lenses are still alive and doing well. The secret behind the lower prices was rethinking the design and materials used, and that they made much larger batches. Hence more economical production overall. Leica lenses and cameras have traditionally been made in smaller batches. They would switch from making one type of lens in the morning, another after lunch and a third type after the afternoon tea. Very small batches. With the Summarit thousands were produced so as to be economical, always in stock, always available, and at a good price a new Leica user could easily handle. ……
Source: www.overgaard.dk

Leica M-P 240

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