Leica Lens Buying Guide | Stuck in Customs

Why did I get into Leica Lenses?This is a very personal journey for me. If this is your first time to the site, you’ll see I only actually review stuff that I use on a regular basis. Life’s too short, otherwise. So you won’t see hundreds of different Leica lenses here, so the mega Leica nerds will be sad… You’ll just see what I consider the best (with several pricing options).I got into Leica lenses because I bought one of the Sony a7 cameras. The Sony a7 series of cameras offer a full-frame sensor which can be coupled with lenses from most any manufacturer. Leica has a long tradition of quality — EXTREME quality. Leica lenses come in many flavors, and many of them are nice and small to fit with your new (or potential new?) mirrorless lifestyle……

Source: Leica Lens Buying Guide | Stuck in Customs

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