Leica M Monochrom: User Review | Lisa Robinson

First things first; this is not a technical user review. Anyone can look up facts about the nuts and bolts of this (or any) camera, therefore I’m not going to waste time with that. I’m concerned with the user experience, which happens to be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve wanted to review the Leica M Monochrom since the second I found out it even existed. Being a B&W fanatic, the thought of using a camera that doesn’t record a shred of color info made me drool. Additionally (being a wedding photographer) the thought of an entirely b&w wedding made my little photo heart flutter with joy! I’ve thought about an entirely b&w wedding for a long time, but knew that it wasn’t a practical reality for my clients, so I asked around with some fellow photographers to see if I could come along as a “bonus feature” to someone else’s wedding. It’d be great because I’d get to play and their client would get some bonus footage. Thankfully, I was able to tag along on an adorable courthouse wedding with a sweet & chill backyard reception. I thought it fitting that this unassuming looking Leica was being used for such a low key & relaxed event…….

Source: photofocus.com

Leica M Monochrom

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