Leica M Typ 240 | The Machine Planet

Like a squadron of flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, the Leica M (a/k/a M240) is now shipping in production quantities. No one will ever know why production was so choked for so long. Regardless, these are some first impressions of the camera’s usability.

The design. Most of this is similar to the M8/M9 with a few exceptions.

  • There is a dedicated function button on the front (mainly for EV compensation), a control wheel on the back (not unlike a Nikon DSLR), a small microphone cutout on the top left, and a movie button on the top.
  • The camera is not thicker (or at least appreciably thicker) than the camera it replaces. If you can to live with a detachable bottom plate, this one is much improved. Using a tripod does not strain the baseplate (the tripod screw goes right into the chassis of the camera).
  • The bottom plate has weather seals, as does the rest of the camera. The rear screen is larger.
  • The most significant change, however, is the missing frame illuminator window on the front. The ugly red dot has moved into its position……

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