Lightroom 4.1 – RAW Conversion Issues With Fuji X-Pro1 | Todd Owyoung

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… for the most part, these smearing artifacts won’t show up in smaller prints and certainly not for online usage, but all the same my advice would be to hold off on important RAW conversions until Adobe addresses this issue. However, if you don’t mind exporting images and updating your images once a solution to this issue comes about, the fine detail missing in Lightroom 4.1 won’t been seen in smaller print sizes.

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I have a different problem with LTRM and Xpro1 files. When I open a folder and move from screen to screen I find that images will often not open sharply focussed. Moving back to another image and then back will bring the image into focus. It is not a loading problem as far as I can tell and it happens with JPEGs and RAW images. Any thoughts? Happens with 5.3 and 5.4, Macbook Pro Retina.


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