London, England 2013 | Bryan William Jones

Back in October, I took a very quick trip (another where I only took the Fuji X-Pro1) to London for a meeting to talk about science, the retina and cameras, to meet with friends and family and an added bonus of sitting in on the very first Gulf Photo Plus Popup.  Hey guys, when and where is the next one?  I’m totally going… anywhere on the planet.  You name it. This trip was one of those rare events where things start to line up in a number of places.  I got to do some science and happened to be in town when friends from Virginia were working in London, as well as photographer friends that were giving talks and finally, my aunt and uncle were going to be coming through London when I would be in town.  So, what was already going to be a very busy schedule was almost overwhelmed with activities and crazy with almost no time for sleep.  But you can sleep in the plane on the way back, right?  I had a spectacularly good time seeing and visiting with everyone as well as getting a tour of some pretty cool buildings, visiting with friends and getting to hang out and do the fan boy thing with photographers who’s careers I’ve followed for decades……

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