Long Exposure Photography, Over The Edge, Part 2 | Ken Rowland

I’ve really enjoyed working on my long exposure photography technique. I wrote about it here recently. The image above is another long exposure image of moving water on Vickery Creek in Roswell, Georgia. I’ve taken a number of long exposure images in my day but it’s only been recently that I’ve tried to make images that have some artistic value, particularly in the realm of black & white images. That means I’ve spent time focusing on the proper balance of tone across the image and I’ve ensured that there is detail and texture in the water. Since the eye is immediately drawn to the brightest part of an image, nothing detracts more from an otherwise fantastic image than blown out highlights in the water.

Long Exposure Photography Equipment and Processing

For this image, I used the tripod mounted Fuji X-Pro 1 with the Fuji XF 18mm F/2.0 lens. In addition, I used a 6 stop B+W Neutral Density filter to allow me to slow the exposure down. Exposure was +1/3 of a stop for 3.5 seconds at F/8 and ISO 200. One of the great things about a tripod is that it really slows down the composition effort when making a photograph. I’ve found that while it can be a pain to lug the tripod around, my images tend to be better because I have to slow down and concentrate more on what I’m creating. This image was processed through Lightroom 4 where I applied a preset for black & white long exposures.

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