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For wedding photography, I have partnered with a friend of mine, Randy Pond, from Randy Pond Photography. We have been shooting weddings for about 2 years now. For this lovely couple engagement session, I thought it would be great to try out off camera flash with my Fuji X-Pro1. I wasn’t disappointed. Using Radio Poppers JrX system as the main source for triggering my Canon flash, I had full control of the flash power remotely. The only bad design on the Radio Poppers JrX system is the fact that camera unit has the antenna protruding from the bottom of the unit, making it impossible to attach to the hot shoe of the X-Pro1. Luckily the Fuji camera has a PC sync port on the side, and I could connect the transmitter part to it. It does not look very nice, as the transmitter hangs down from the camera by a wire, but it works. You just have to pay special attention no to loose it. Otherwise everything worked flawlessly. I could easily change the power of the Canon flash right from the camera (actually the trasmitter). But, let’s forget the technical mumbo jumbo, and concentrate on Lori and Rob. They are a great couple and the engagement session went wonderfully. I really can’t wait for their wedding day!

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