Maximizing The Rate Of Excitement | Paul Ripke

Paul Ripke is a Hamburg-based professional photographer who specializes in advertising, fashion, portrait, landscape and sport photography. He has shot campaigns for well-known brands such as EA Sports, Nike, GE and more. His eye-catching images are known for their creativity and shiny, attention-grabbing look. Q: You’ve shown a great deal of versatility since you’ve started to make a name for yourself as a professional photographer. Besides people, advertisement and fashion, you also have shown great potential in landscape and sport photography. Has your focus changed since our last interview? A: Yes and no. I’m still the person who can’t concentrate on one single thing for more than two hours. With my photography, it is basically the same. If I am shooting fashion for more than a week, I really need to shoot some sport photography or portraits. Since my life motto is “maximizing my rate of excitement,” I really like changes in my life. I am happy as […]

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