More thoughts of the Fuji X-Pro1 | Gabor Nagy

I have my X-Pro1 over a month now and I’m pretty happy with it. So satisfied that I only took out my 5D mkII once and when I did so I realized my Canon with the 50mm f1.4 lens hunts more than the Fuji does. Yes, the X-Pro1 has it quirks. Does it frustrate me? No. Although there are few things I’d like to change if I could and if you read this you probably know what I’m talking about. One of them is that there is no minimum shutter speed in auto ISO mode and an other thing which actually bothers me more is the position of the auto focus selection button, it would be great to be able to assign the Fn button to select the focus point. Anyway, hopefully Fuji listens and will address these in a future firmware update. Meanwhile here are couple of shots from the last weeks when my grandma came over to visit us and did a few trips around Dublin. Most of the photos were taken with the 18mm f2.0 lens and processed in Lightroom 4.

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