Nissin i40 flash for Fuji | John Caz

Unbelievable how for so many years DSLR manufacturers were pushing bigger and bigger products when all the time, what we really needed was smaller and smaller. Even the flashes took this trip, look at the size increase from the old Nikon SB-28 all the way to the current SB-900. Since switching to Fuji I have been spoiled with smaller sizes and less weight. Now, thanks to the award winning Nissin i40, Fuji users get a small and light fully functional pro grade flash! Now that’s something to be joyful about! The flash itself is very small especially if you are coming from the world of DSLR’s. Its nearly 1/2 the height (85mm vs 146mm) and 1/2 the weight (200g vs 415g) when compared to my old Nikon SB-900. But thankfully size doesn’t equal output power since the Nissin is rated at 27m and my Nikon at 35m (ISO 100 & 35mm) – not as powerful but close enough. It comes with a very nice case…….


Nissin i40

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