Peter Hurley’s Pre-Alpha LED Studio Light | Chris Gampat

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At Photo Plus 2012, the crew over at F-Stoppers and famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley threw a large party. At one point, Peter told me about a prototype constant LED light that he’s working on to get the results that he wants. Peter’s story sounded like those of many photographers and creatives that were sick of not getting what they want; and so pursued their own route (story of my life, and the creation of this site.) The light I saw is a Pre-Alpha configuration and may have a dimming switch. But this single light was able to illuminate an entire room in Hurley’s studio. And holy crap was it beautiful. Here are some sample images shot with the light illuminating subjects like myself, photographer Zack Arias, Eye-Fi creator Ziv Gillat, and more. All images were shot with the Fujifilm X Pro 1 in aperture priority, auto white balance, and with no editing except for sharpening in post. If I were to do professional work with this light, I obviously would have also done manual white balancing and other tweaks in post-production….

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