Protect your Fujifilm X100, X100S and X-Pro 1 lenses with S-CAP |
Simo Väisänen

Fujifilm X-Series cameras X100 and X-Pro 1 are excellent instruments for taking photographs. As all man made things they,  however, have their minor quirks. Lens caps are one of them. Original  Fuji lens caps are designed badly, especially the rubber ones  that attach to metal hoods. Many people have already lost them, because they don’t stay on.

When I had picked the rubber lens cap of my XF35mmF1.4 R lens too many times off the floor I decided something must be done. I checked my camera cupboard and look what I found there! Two spare OP/TECH USA  Hood Hats sizes Micro and Mini. I first tried the a bit bigger MINI Hood Hat on my X-Pro 1 with the Fuji rubber lens cap on.  Let the photos prove it. It fits perfectly! The Fuji rubber cap stays firmly inside the Mini Hood Hat regardless how many times you take it off or put it on. Because of its size the Hood Hat also gives better protection to your expensive lens than an ordinary lens cap. Problem solved!….

The original Fuji X100 lens cap is also no good. To replace that I bought a 49 mm center pinch lens cap with a cap leash.  I always keep the round lens hood on.  When I put the OP/TECH MICRO Hood Hat on the lens I found it also was a perfect fit. The cap leash keeps the lens cap and the Hood Hat well together.  Even this combo has worked well from the first beginning and protects the lens beautifully. Fujifilm has already announced the launch of Fujifilm X100S, the successor to the Fujifilm X100. The S-CAP will be a great match also with the new Fujifilm X100S, won’t it?
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