Quick Look: Voigtländer 28mm/1.9 Ultron with the Fuji X-Pro 1 | George

Most street scenes worth photographing happen only a couple of meters in front of you. At that distance the X-Pro1 AF really can not keep pace with the movement of the subject, at least not with the 35mm/1.4. To be fair the X-Pro 1 is not alone in this as the subject’s speed of movement across the frame at short distances is tough for most cameras to keep up with…

When shooting candid shots the camera just has to get out of the way,  you don’t want any distractions or delays. The Ultron combined with the X-Pro1 almost achieves that goal. There is no shutter lag and framing is easy through the EVF. An inaccurate focus distance however is a major distraction, and it took me most of the morning to start to get to grips with it. I am sure if I were to stick at it then it would become second nature. If my other M mount lenses would all behave slightly differently in this regard it would make working with this adapter a big distraction.

The image quality however  I think  is quite fine for this type of work, and the look is quite different to the Fuji glass. I think it is a combination that is worth continuing to experiment with.

As for manual focusing….lets face it the X-Pro1 is really a AF camera. Lets hope the new range of Fuji lenses perform better in the AF department.

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