Shooting Street Fashion Sydney with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 | Kent Johnson

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Shooting Street Fashion Sydney (SFS) is all about getting the image as quickly and efficiently as possible. Its about getting a great portrait, a great shot, often in as little as three or four frames. There’s not much room for error or messing about with equipment; your attention is on the subject who you don’t really know and who out of kindness and courtesy (and maybe knows the blog) is now allowing you to photograph them. You want to respect that kindness with a clean sharp shot that stands out as much as the person you are photographing. And while I had been doing pretty well with my little point & shoot and on occasion with a DSLR I could see that if I wanted to keep SFS up with the fashion blogging pack it was time for a camera upgrade. Thanks to Fujifilm Australia SFS is now shooting with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and this is the story, a review if you like as to what this camera is like to use in the galleries, in the street and in the studio too. The first thing everyone notices about the X-Pro1 is its great retro styling. It’s a Range Finder style camera where you can use the offset eyepiece as either an optical or video viewfinder or you can use the LCD screen on the back as you would with a point and shoot. The camera has all the old school knobs and dials, shutter speed on the top of the body, F-Stops on the lens barrel along with a silky smooth and responsive manual focus ring. The body and lenses are a minimalist shiny black on metal and these distinctive good looks are a real advantage when it comes to catching someone’s attention when I ask them if I can take their portrait. While the X-Pro1 has the options of Aperture/Shutter priority or Programme, set with the red A on the Speed and Aperture Dial I like having the traditional layout of apertures on the lens not on a command dial and the same goes for the shutter speed knob on the body. This is a camera that you work with like a traditional film camera and for me that has had positive results in having me think more photographically about what I am doing when I make my shots……

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