Sony RX1 and the X-E1 | Andre Goosen

Hello world! I’m very excited to share this with all of you. There has been huge amounts of interest in my Sony RX1 post so i thought i would share 2 frames shot tonight for a lovely client who was nice enough to let me use 2 of the photos to show you what i mean by “Pro” quality from a small camera. The photo you see above was shot with the brand new Sony RX1 and i still can’t believe how spectacularly good it is… and it’s a total pleasure to use.

Here is a 100% enlargement from the Sony for the Pixel Peepers… (i don’t really care too much about this but i know people will ask)

The second image was shot with the Fuji X-E1 and is equally spectacular… these are two very different systems.. both have pros and cons… but man… i love them both!!!

Here is a shot to show the diffence in size between the two cameras. The Fuji on the Left and the Sony on the right… keep in mind that the Sony is a FULL-FRAME camera and the Fuji is not.
I am totally blown away by the quality and the sixe of these two cameras and you can expect a full writeup in the next few weeks once i’ve had enough time to fall in-love again….

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