Fuji X-Pro 1 vs Canon 5D Mark II vs Panasonic GF1 | 1.G.K, photographer

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The noise control, especially colour noise, is superior to the Canon 5D Mark II and the detail captured is almost equivalent. For night shooting and long exposures, the X-Pro 1 is now my go-to camera. If you crank up the sharpening a little you can retrieve more detail from your RAW files, bringing both the noise and detail into line with the 5DM2, albeit at a slightly smaller image size. The fact that a mirrorless camera sporting an APS-C sized sensor can even come close to competing with a full frame DSLR is mind-boggling to me, but when I zoom into those RAW files I find the X-Pro 1 really does hold its own. Take a look at the samples to see for yourself.

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