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Focal Lengths from 10mm to 560mm aka 15mm to 840mm | Brandon Remler

I’m really digging what I can do with the not so heavy XF100-400 lens around town.  The lens is pretty versatile from grabbing birds in flight to shooting flowers as I showed in the previous post highlighting the lens. This series is a range from XF10mm in the first one then XF16mm  all the up to the end of the XF100-400 at various focal lengths. Going out to a for reaching 560mm which starts to have issues with general air pollution and haze. The 560 is reached with the 400mm and the 1.4xTC – so an X focal length of 560mm or converted to conventional 35mm this would be equal to approximately 840mm.  There is a street sign sort of lower left of center which I zoom in on as we look at the high power view…….


WPPI Sunrise Time Lapse Las Vegas | Brandon Remler

One of the great new features of the Fujifilm X-T1 is the built-in intervalometer.  A personal favorite of mine, this feature allows you to program the camera to shoot a number of frames (up to 999) in almost any interval.  For the sunrise I set the camera to turn on at 4:35am and shoot a frame every two minutes until 8:30am.  You can see the results in the clip below.  It’s really quite simple and dramatic…….

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Fujifilm XF23mm F1.4 R Lens is a WINNER! | Brandon Remler

I have not been able to put this new XF23mm lens down.  I’ve tried it on at least four different X-Series bodies and I love it on them all!  Sharp and fast – what more could you want??  Focus ring has a limit (doesn’t spin 360) from close-up to infinity, click stops on aperture ring, sharp focus peaking, and hyper-focal scale. On sale now the lens is going to quickly become a classic and launches the X series into new ground with the street shooters and photo enthusiasts.  I’ve always loved carrying the X100S and now I have almost the same set up, yet with an extra stop of speed.  Check it out at a dealer near you……

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Fujifilm X100s – First Look | Brandon Remler

Let’s take a look at the exciting new X100s and some of the many highlights of the camera.

We all agree it is encouraging to see how several features photographers around the world were asking for have been implemented.  The fast response of the AF of the camera, the tweaking of the manual focus performance, the addition of focus peaking, the amazing X-Trans 16mp sensor (new) and many more features listed below.

I’ll try to add more to this post as I explore various parts of the camera…..
Of course no digital camera can be a true winner without incredible image quality.  The X100s builds on the great quality of the X-Series cameras, and improves it!

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Fujifilm XF14mm 2.8 Lens Hits the Street | Brandon Remler

I am loving the new 14mm lens!!  This is a winner and with it’s smooth focusing in both manual and auto-focus modes it has a great feel. I am going to try and pump a bunch of images out this weekend and show off the performance of the lens.  When it ships early in 2013 it will have a USA retail of $899.95…..

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Fujifilm X-Pro1 Price Move | Brandon Remler

The [amazon_link id=“B006UV6YMQ“ target=“_blank“ container=““ container_class=““ ]Fujifilm X-PRO1[/amazon_link] is making a move!

To spur on holiday sales Fujifilm (USA) is reducing the price of the X-Pro1 from Nov 25th to Feb 2, 2013. The price will move from $1699.95 for the body to $1399.95. There is also a combo savings when the camera is bought with the XF18mm or XF35mm lens. The price for this set is $1699.95. Both are a $300 savings off the current pricing. The Fujifilm X-E1 body and kits have now shipped in the USA and dealers will see their stock levels increasing over the next week or two. I am sure the reviews will be coming in as the camera gets into more hands. From the early reports I’ve seen the 16MP XTrans sensor is performing excellently and the camera is a great addition to the X-Series. Shipments of the XF18-55 lens will also be ramping up shortly. The status of the XF14mm lens is still in a holding pattern and I’d like to be cautious on its arrival date and just sayit should be a few weeks or so. I am sure it will be on many photographers holiday list….

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Justin Bieber at the Barclays Center | Brandon Remler

Now I know what you are thinking – why was he shooting a Justin Bieber concert? Well I tell ya – I look at any shooting opportunity as a way to learn and experiment with my equipment. For this concert I was using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 + 35mm 1.4 and the Canon 5DIII mostly with the 70-200 2.8. Clearly the biggest challenge was freezing the motion while not going crazy with a super high ISO and shooting tons of frames – since I just didn’t feel like having a massive edit process. So I shot conservatively around ISO 1250 for most of the night and I really should have gone to ISO 2000 and used a faster shutter speed in many situations. But here’s what I got and I am sure any 13 year old would love them!
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Fujifilm X-E1 Part II Around Town Snapshots | Brandon Remler

Time to post some of the latest images from the past month or so. Trying to illustrate many types of scenes so you can get an idea of how the camera performs in many situations. Of course I do have a slight over confidence in the camera since it shares the same X-Trans sensor the X-Pro1 has which has already proven itself in the market. The X-E1 bodies only have shipped. The kits will follow soon and then the 14mm in about three weeks – guessing around December 1 arrival – a guess! So off we go to let the images speak for themselves! I assume the exif data is there – but I hear at various times it’s stripped. Not my intention to avoid those details.

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Fujifilm X-E1 and XF 18-55mm Lens | Brendon Remler

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I took a walk around town this week and shot some images with the X-E1. The newest camera in the X series should ship around Nov 1 in the USA. One thing that I always look for is the way a digital camera captures sky blue. I was a big fan of Velvia and miss the look of a landscape with the rich hues of Velvia since I don’t shoot film that often. So when I took a walk on the High Line with the X-E1 I wanted to see what kind of blues it would capture. Needless to say I am overjoyed with its performance. I hit the Quick menu button and flipped the X-E1 in Velvia mode and set off. As expected the images are sharp and vivid and this is from a pre-production body and lens (it is not without faults because of this so it will only improve). The XF18-55mm lens has a few new features for XF lenses. There is optical image stabilization, and you can see the switch on the bottom left of the lens image. Then there is an aperture ring which communicates the F/ number to the body when the lens is switched from the Automatic to Aperture icon. This lets you spin the ring closest to the body to adjust the aperture values. The next ring is the zoom ring, followed by the smooth manual focusing ring.
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New Fujifilm X-E1 with XF Lenses | Brandon Remler

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Over the past two days I’ve had some time to work with the new Fujifilm X-E1. I am shooting the camera with the Fujifilm XF lenses 18mm, 35mm, & 60mm. ISO is varies from 200-2000. Here are some images from the Fujifilm XF lenses the other night for the World Trade Center memorial beams of light. They are a bit faint in the distance, above. If you’d like to see what the beams look like check my other post here – These are all quick jpegs.

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