Fujifilm X-E2S: What you need to know | Carey Rose

The Fujifilm X-E2S is essentially a Fujifilm X-E2 with firmware updates and some very minor tweaks. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad camera, or that people shouldn’t consider it. Over the course of doing a thorough review (one that focused on its use and its appeal to different users, given how well-known the camera’s performance is), I came away with some observations – some of which you’d miss if you were just skimming the review, or reading through the key specifications. So in case you missed it, let’s take a quick look back at some of our findings with the Fujifilm X-E2S…..

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‚Our goal is to satisfy everyone‘: an interview with Fujifilm execs | Barney Britton

Following the launch of the Fujifilm X-T2 last week, we sat down with senior executives from Fujifilm.

  • Yuji Igarashi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division.
  • Takashi Ueno, manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Group Sales and Marketing and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Divisions.
  • Ryouichi Takamoto, Optical Device & Electronic Imaging Products Division, Sales and Marketing Staff.

We talked about the X-T2, Fujifilm’s plans for lenses, and why the company is putting a lot of energy into video. The following interview is taken from on-record portions of our conversation, and has been edited slightly for flow and clarity. …..

Source: ‚Our goal is to satisfy everyone‘: an interview with Fujifilm execs: Digital Photography Review

Adobe boosts Lightroom Mobile with Raw editing for iOS | Damien Demolder

Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile apps for Apple and Android mobile devices have both been given significant updates that allow users a much wider range of controls when editing and shooting. The company has quite different apps for the two operating systems, and while Android users have been able to edit Raw files for some time the facility is now offered to iOS users via version 2.4. Owners of Android devices can now install version 2.1 which offers what Adobe calls a ‘Pro’ shooting mode that allows much more detailed control over the way pictures are recorded. Adobe says the version 2.1 for Android has a completely new Lightroom Camera function that features a mode that gives the photographer access to shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus so that they can all be adjusted manually. Aperture isn’t listed as few mobile cameras have significantly variable apertures. The company also says it has improved the app’s ability to export high resolution files……

Source: Adobe boosts Lightroom Mobile with Raw editing for iOS

Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 First Impressions Review | DPreview

The Fujifilm X-T2 is an updated version of the company’s top-level DSLR-shaped APS-C camera. It’s built around the same 24MP X-Trans sensor as the X-Pro2 but ends up being much more than an X-T1 with more pixels. Instead, the X-T2 is a camera that does much to address the X-System’s remaining weaknesses, which can only broaden its already considerable appeal. The X-Pro2 represented a good step forward for image quality within the system and the X-T2 gains all of that improvement, but there are also some considerable changes in terms of autofocus, video and flash control, suggesting Fujifilm wants its the X-T2 to be an all-round more capable camera than its predecessor, rather than just building on its existing strengths……..

Source: Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 First Impressions Review: Digital Photography Review

Wedding Shots with X100T | Myung Keun

I am getting married and for our photoshoot we decided to save a bit of money and take the photos ourselves. I recently sold my Sony A7II gear and bought myself an aging but ever-so charming X100T. It was not about the image quality. I just have more fun shooting with an X100T. It’s like wearing a glove that grows on you and fits you more after a certain period of time. With the Sony A7II (I also owned a A7s prior to that) I never had the feeling I was holding an intimate tool, but rather a computing device. Not sure how else to express it. That was all. I knew, that the X100T is not really build for a task like that, but with the additional Teleconverter, I dared to give it a try…..

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X-Pro 2 Snapshots in Chicago | Noctumn #dpreview

Hey all, I’ve been lurking quite a while and have recently come to the realization that I’ve been so obsessed with gear and have not been out taking pictures much at all. So as I was in the city running some errands, I took some ‚drive-by‘ shots. I wasn’t necessarily there to shoot, but I’d still like some CC on these pictures. I’m ready to learn. I do want to improve my photos. What I’m interested in is how YOU would capture the scenes. All of these are shot on the X-Pro 2 and Zeiss 32mm. Super sharp and good results. All are PP’d jpegs as I don’t have too much time at the moment. Neither do I have a RAW converter for the X-Pro 2. Cropped to 16 x 9 roughly. I am a fan of the ‚panoramic‘ look, especially for cities……..

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Fujifilm X70 Review | DPreview

The Fujifilm X70 is fixed-lens APS-C compact camera with a 16.3MP X-Trans sensor and a 18.5mm (28mm field of view equivalent) F2.8 Fujinon lens. It shares many design elements and some specifications with Fujifilm’s popular X100-series, but omits their hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder – or indeed any kind of built-in viewfinder at all. Instead, the X70’s user interface employs a Fujifilm first: a touchscreen. And a tilting one, at that. What the X70 does share with the X100 lineup is a metal chassis adorned with dials upon dials, putting camera settings exactly where you left them every time. It’s a setup that any vintage camera user can appreciate, but one that still makes sense in the digital age. It also represents a completely different approach to this camera’s closest competitor, the venerable Ricoh GR (II)*. Let’s see what else the X70 brings to the market……..

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Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review | DPreview

Overall Conclusion

The X-Pro2 is one of the most expensive APS-C cameras now on the market but also one of the most specialized. The traditional looks and slightly throw-back handling of the camera are likely to dictate whether you love or are baffled by it. And, broadly speaking, this should dictate whether this is the camera for you. If you directly compare it against most of its peers, it risks coming up short in one respect or other. Its autofocus isn’t as sophisticated as the sportiest of its contemporaries (such as the Canon EOS 7D II or Nikon D500), its video isn’t as cutting-edge as it could be (Sony’s less expensive a6300 and Samsung’s swansong model both offer better footage). However, unlike the original X-Pro1, these aspects aren’t so uncompetitive that you have to completely write-off them off and hope they’re of little interest to the target audience. The X-Pro2 is a much more fully-rounded camera than its styling implies and one that can turn its hand to a wide range of tasks, it’s just at its best within its own, narrower milieu……….

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A review of the Fujinon 100-400 against the Canon 400f5.6L |  Robert W. Baron

Long time Canon shooter who added an XT1 and several lenses over the past 2 years. My latest addition is the Fujinon 100-400 and the 1.4 extender and I’d thought others might find it helpful to hear of my experience and thoughts. Received the lens and extender last week and had the opportunity to put it through it’s paces this past weekend. I should note that I have experience with long lenses as I currently own the Canon 300mmf4L (non-IS) and 400f5.6L along with both the Canon 1.4 and 2x extenders. In the past I also owned Canon’s first version of their 100-400 but did not shoot with it often as I was never pleased with the AF speed or IQ. I do shoot wildlife in Florida (mostly shore birds) and birds in flight (BIF) along with airshows, bike races and trains. I’ve always been drawn to long lenses as I like to extract subjects and compress distances and I appreciate the subject isolation that can be achieved with long glass and proper technique…………..

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Going Pro: We interview Fujifilm execs in Tokyo | Digital Photography Review

Last week, Fujifilm announced several new products including two major new cameras – the X-Pro2 and X70. DPReview was at the launch event in Tokyo where we made time to sit down with two senior Fujifilm executives – Mr. Toru Takahashi and Toshihisa Iida. As well as the new cameras, we also spoke about Fujifilm’s long-term ambitions, which cameras sell best in which countries and Samsung’s apparent exit from the camera market.The following transcript has been edited slightly for clarity.

The X-Pro2 clearly replaces the X-Pro1 but is it the new flagship? Or does it sit alongside the X-T1?

Toru Takahashi (TT): We have two flagships. The X-T1 and the X-Pro2. [Even after] the launch of the X-T1 the X-Pro1 still had a function. We have two different kinds of photographers to cater for……….

Source: www.dpreview.com

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