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Die endgültige Entscheidung – Fuji X-T2 | Peter Poete

Mancher Weg geht mal zu Ende… und bei mir ist es der Weg mit zwei unterschiedlichen Systemen. Der Weg dahin war recht lang und schwer gefallen ist mir die Entscheidung letztendlich auch noch. Aber es hatte sich dann doch bereits angedeutet, trotz der anfänglichen kleinen Reibereien mit der X-Pro2 und der dann allmählichen Annäherung an diese Kamera. Meine Tage mit dem Olympus-System sind gezählt. Nicht, weil die Geräte schlecht wären – weit entfernt davon! Die E-M5 MK II ist als Kamera in manchen Aspekten für mich nach wie vor ungeschlagen und die kleinen tollen Optiken sind auch ein Traum, vor allem unterwegs. Da allerdings das (für mich) Bessere der Feind des Guten ist, kommt nach dem ersten Schritt – dem Verkauf einiger m43-Objektive – die Auflösung der ganzen m43-Ausrüstung.Tschüss, liebe Oly, Du hast mir wirklich extrem viel Freude bereitet und nicht wenige meiner liebsten Bilder sind mit Dir (oder Deiner Vorgängerin) entstanden….

Source: Die endgültige Entscheidung – Fuji X-T2 – Peter Poete Photography

8 Notable Improvement on Fujifilm X-T2| Xavier Lum

Fujifilm will be launching the X-T2 in Singapore market around early September, and boy… they had made a lot of improvement over the X-T1. I was at the launch Fujifilm X-T2 launch last week to hand on this new baby. Though I have a few moment to hands-on the X-T2, i can’t comment on the camera’s performance as the cameras were all pre production sets. I was there to “molest” the camera and have a feel on how it is like to hold it in my bear hands. And oh… yeah, Fujifilm does made a lot of improvement over the past 2 years. Here’s the 8 Notable Improvement in terms of handling…..

Source: 8 Notable Improvement on Fujifilm X-T2 – Xavier Lum

Fujifilm X-T2 review | Phil Hall

Ever since the launch of the X-Pro2 earlier this year, rumors have been circulating about the X-T1’s replacement, and after a few online leaks of what appeared to be early production samples, the X-T2 has now be officially announced.The X-T2 now sits alongside the X-Pro2 as the joint flagship camera of the brand, and Fujifilm believes that it now offers two distinct options for photographers. The X-Pro2, with its rangefinder design is more unobtrusive and suited to their range of primes, while the X-T2, with its more SLR-like design is aimed growing range of fast zoom lenses. Pricing has been confirmed, with a body-only price of £1,399 or $1,599.95, while a kit with the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 standard zoom lens will be available at £1,649 or $1,899.95. Fujifilm has said they expect the X-T2 to be available from September 8th……

Source: Fujifilm X-T2 hands on review | TechRadar

Digital Camera in a Film Body — Purist Leica M-D Without Display, Menu or Buttons | Daniel Kestenholz #THEME

Love it. A digital Leica in a film body. Sure there’s a lot of malice on the Web, ridiculing Leica’s latest $6,000 camera, the all-black digital Leica M-D. With emphasis on digital. What again distinguishes a digital from an analog camera? That’s right, the LCD screen, to give access to what’s on the memory card and to all those menu functions. Now there is a digital camera without basic digital functions. The message of no display? Concentrate on the essentials…….


The NEW Leica M – The Leica M-D without rear LCD. Back to basics | Steve Huff

Looks like Leica has announced a new basic M-E style M to the Leica Rangefinder lineup! Much like they did near the end of the M9 days, releasing the M-E, which was a basic M9 at its core, it seems they did it again with this new M-D. THIS tells me that a new M will be on the way this year, end of year. Yep, that is my prediction. It’s been 3 years since the M240, the M has a 3 year life cycle, and they now released the M-D. Which is in all reality, a BASE M 240, much like the M-E was a base M9. BUT doesn’t this sound odd? Did Leica not release the M 262 not too long ago which was a basic M240? Yep, but this time, the 5th member of the M family in production currently is without a rear LCD, much like the uber expensive M60. Instead of the rear LCD we have an ISO dial, much like on the old film cameras. THIS IS COOL, AND I NOW WANT ONE……..


Jackson Heights – an X-Pro2 test | Joseph Padiernos

3 years ago, I picked up an Fuji X100s to have a walk around camera so I won’t need to lug around my Nikon full frame camera and bunch of lenses in my casual walks around my current city, NYC. It took a while before I got used to the rangefinder style of shooting, but needless to say, I fell in love with it. At first, I underestimated the camera and didn’t think it would pass as a professional camera, but to my surprise, most of my favorite images was shot from it and in fact, I sold prints from it and it’s now hanging to a client’s home. Then Fuji released the Fuji XT1, which is a interchangeable lens system, and from there, I sold all my Nikon gears and switched to Fuji and shot weddings with it and used it as my travel camera. I would say, my back thanked me a lot. I love my XT1 especially the tilt-screen(Which I REALLY MISS,) but I still keep going back to my X100s most of the time. So I’ve been eagerly waiting for the XPRO2 to come out, and once it was available here in the US, I picked it up and sold my XT1…..


Back home to Fujifilm | Robert-Paul Jansen #XPro2

It all started in the summer of 2011 when I saw the new Fujifilm x100 in the window of a camera shop in Reims (France) .. my heart skipped a beat. What a beautiful camera! The French salesman was very exciting about the x100 as well but couldn’t sell it to me. The camera was sold out because of the high demand. I wasn’t the only one who wanted this camera.. After a few months, and after spending a lot of time reading blogs about (and watching photos made with) this camera I learned that the camera wasn’t just beautiful on the outside, it created some beautiful photos as well. So .. I decided to sell my Nikon DSLR with all the gear I had and I got myself a Fujifilm X100……..


Street photographer: My first thoughts about the X-Pro2 | Robvisual

This is the first of a series of articles about this new camera. You discover new things every time you go shooting and not on one weekend so there are new things to write about from time to time. It is more a kind of a long term real life review I am doing, because I bought the camera for my personal enjoyment and I am not a (sponsored) reviewer who makes money from creating such content. So there is no marketing buzz behind this article. All photos in this article are in raw format developed in Lightroom. I think that the final results are more important than looking at untouched photographs in comparison. We all know what modern cameras can do, but this series of articles is more focused on the process of taking photos surrounded by the final images. You will agree with me when I say that Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, Leica and all the other major brands are doing excellent cameras. There is no need to talk about sensors and dynamic range for me…..


Thoughts about the Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Tilman Jentzsch

Thanks to Fujifilm Europe and Fujifilm Switzerland I was lucky that I already could get my hands on an early production sample back in November 2015. During this meeting it was already clear that Fujifilm had something great in their pipeline, but we still had to wait another two months until the product launch… On January 15th 2016 Fujifilm finally unveiled the X-Pro2, but I had to be wait for another month until I really could spend some more time with the new Fujifilm flagship. During three concerts and one backstage reportage I could put the X-Pro2 through its paces and here are now some thoughts about using it. This “review” is really more reflecting on the practical aspects and the fit into my workflow than being scientific or technical. In addition there is some comparison to the X-T1 which is my current camera of choice. As I never owned or used an X-Pro1, I really cannot compare the X-Pro2 to its predecessor…….


Fuji X-Pro2 initial thoughts and a model shoot | Mike Croshaw

I was lucky to get hold of an XPro2 slightly ahead of the general UK release date.  I was really keen to get one as I’d been holding out for one as my main camera and I have a wedding to shoot this weekend.  I’ve read all the reviews, but I took most of them with a pinch of salt, as the people who wrote them are mostly X-Photographers.  While I respect and admire a lot of them, at the end of the day, they get free gear from Fuji so of course they will be positive.  However, I’m really happy with the camera, here are my first impressions based on a day of heavy shooting.  This was a shoot for a mature model, who needed some shots for an agency.  I used a combination of lenses, the 50-140, the 56mm 1.2, the 35mm f2 and the 90mm f2.  All worked flawlessly. 1.It’s FAST, seriously fast.  Everything feels quicker, from just navigating the menus to autofocus, taking shots, even with flash, just felt quicker.  I used off camera flash for some of the shots on my shoot and it worked beautifully ( only for the indoor ones, the outdoor ones were natural light and a reflector ). This is the first X Series camera that has felt close to a DSLR in terms of general responsiveness.  I’ve used my X-T1 heavily for 2 years, so I really noticed the difference.  The speed I was able to fire off shots, even with the flash, but especially without it, was awesome.  You can tell the processor has had a serious speed hike…….


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