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Photographic Retreat with the X-Pro2 or: How to choose a camera? | Olaf Sztaba

Last time we had a good time (and a laugh) having a conversation with the X-Pro2. We received great feedback for which we are both very grateful. Today we will continue to cover this new camera but we’ll approach the subject in a slightly different way. Each time a new camera hits the market the Internet goes berserk. There’s a plethora of reviews, technical comparisons and samples being shared and discussed (we share in the blame). Interested buyers visit technically oriented websites where cameras are being compared. It is common to show two cameras side by side where all the possible technical details are compared. Resolution? Check! Video? Check! Panorama? Check! And so on. There is no question that many people like it this way. Not only do we find such comparisons misleading but we believe that they do more harm than good for buyers. For many photographers, a camera is much more than just a physical object. As the facilitator of the creative process, a camera should not only complement but support the photographer in this difficult but highly rewarding endeavour. Therefore, a well-designed camera will make the interaction between photographer and camera intuitive and fluid……..


I’m ready to (almost) completely switch from my Nikons to a smaller system | David du Chemin

Once in a while I abandon all sense and do a gear post. This is one of them. I hope it’s helpful to you and that  you find the question of why I use the gear I do more interesting than which gear, specifically, I use. It’s the one question that seems to get left out of these discussions; everyone talking about which gear is best without first defining their needs. As so many of you are making similar switches in the way you approach your work, I thought I’d walk you through mine. Last month Fuji announced 2 pieces of gear that pushed me over the edge. As many of you know I’ve been using Fuji cameras more and more, but still hanging on to Pelican cases full of Nikon gear. I’ve held out on switching completely (almost completely, but I’ll explain that) because the Fuji system lacked any optical options at the long end – specifically something more than a 300mm equivalent- and I need those more and more for the work I’m doing……….


A First Look: Holy Cow Batman, It’s the X-PRO 2!!!! Sockem! POW! WHAM! | Bill Fortney

By now you have read reams of reports, reviews and tests on the new Fuji X-PRO 2.  There is little sense in my duplicating all of that, so I will approach this from a different direction.  I would like to attempt to answer some key questions I had when I first heard about the X-PRO 2. Is it a significant improvement over the XT-1 ( a camera a really love a lot!)? Yes, it is Fuji’s latest and newest technology and, and in almost every way, it is an improvement over the last generation of cameras.  Fuji looked at every performance category and found a way to bolster it. If you decide to purchase the X-PRO 2 you will have the most capable camera Fuji has ever produced in the X System line!…….

So in summatioin, killer camera, many improvements, and if you are a Fuji X shooter, and need it’s special graces……


FUJI X-Pro2 / XF100-400 / hi-ISO | Peter Fauland

One question I get asked on a daily basis now is how the new 24 MP FUJIFILM X-Trans III sensor performs in the hi ISO region above ISO 6400. Partner in crime was the new FUJINON Super-Zoom lens XF100-400  1:4,5-5,6 R LM OIS WR. In order to find out, I used a rainy and dark night in Hamburg’s Hafencity for a little test shooting under harsh conditions. It was super windy – even with a heavy tripod in use the camera was constantly vibrating. Being sceptic about the sharpness of my images changed to a big smile on my face, looking on the LCD-screen of the X-Pro2 : The performance of the image stabilzer was visible right away……..


Fuji X70 – 1st shots with a production camera | Jason Boucher

I gambled late December and sold my Fuji X100t and XT1 so I could have cash in hand when the next Fuji X Pro 2 and X70 were released. I loved both cameras but the thought of selling my loved X100t for a smaller unproven camera was a bit of a risk. Last night I got one in hand and can tell you straight out that my gamble paid off. It is everything I hoped and wanted in an everyday pocket camera. It feels so good in hand and the lens is absolutely outstanding…….


Fujifilm X-Pro2 in 15 Minutes | Jordan May

While traveling through Las Vegas, I got wind of a Fujifilm event at B&C Camera. I decided to drop by in hopes of getting my hands on the new X-Pro2. As you can see, I did just that. I didn’t have much time and there were a lot of hands asking for a go, so here is my quick hit review or rather, initial thoughts of the X-Pro2 in 15 minutes. Making my way through the shop, I spotted my goal. Laying there on the table parked next to other Fujifilm new releases, the X70 and 100-400mm f/5.6 lens. The new X-E2S was also there, sadly the new flash was missing. Drat. After a few minutes fiddling with the X70 (which I think is going to be a great pocket street camera), I got my chance to grab hold of the X-Pro2…..


Erste Gedanken zur neuen Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Feyzi Demirel

In den Weiten des Internets gibt es viele Gerüchte zu neuen Kameras. Aber es gibt zwei Kameras, die, wenn man ein Ranking dazu machen wollen würde, wahrscheinlich ganz oben landen würden: eine potentielle Canon 5D Mark IV und natürlich die Fujifilm X-Pro2. Na ja, ab jetzt wird es zumindest keine Gerüchte mehr zur X-Pro2 geben, immerhin wurde die Kamera inzwischen offiziell vorgestellt. Letztlich kann ich die „Vorfreude“ auf diese Kamera aber gut verstehen, denn auch ich war neugierig auf die Neuigkeiten. Ja, sogar ein wenig heiß. Denn die X-Pro2 ist die erste Wahl für jeden, der das Bediengefühl einer Leica M liebt, sich diese aber nicht leisten will bzw. kann. Sie ist ideal für jeden, der eine Leica M super findet, aber kein Bock auf eine manuelle Fokussierung hat. Eine deutliche Verbesserung für jeden Fotografen, der die X-Pro1 schätzt, aber endlich eine Kamera auf Augenhöhe der kameratechnischen Zeit möchte usw. Man könnte die Liste wahrscheinlich ewig fortführen……


Fuji X-Pro 2 Hands On | Antonio Nunes

Fuji has just announced the Fuji X-Pro 2, its new and long awaited flagship camera. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a sample unit and, in a nutshell, I got to say, Fuji is on the right track. The specs are easily available all over the web so I won’t focus on those details. Instead, I’ll go through how it felt in use and which improvements and limitations I found. Please keep in mind the camera was a sample unit so final image quality and features may change until the first units are delivered. The body is very familiar to the rest of the Fuji line-up and it was very easy to get used to the new features. New features, you say? Yes, there’s now a joystick button on the back that allows you to easily navigate menus and move the focus area around which makes those tasks way easier than with the old 4-way arrow system. Buttons felt overall more tactile and not mushy as on some previews models and they’re now all on the right side of the camera, which puts everything to the reach of your thumb in single handed use. The grip is nice and the body felt very well balanced, even with the (somewhat) heavy XF 50-140mm F2.8 attached……..


Fuji X-Pro2: First hands on at Chiswick Camera Centre | Michael Evans

This morning I was called to Chiswick Camera Centre to lay hands on one of the very few X-Pro2 cameras in captivity. The kindly Fuji representative had deposited the demo device for a day of fiddling. And fiddle I did. Look what I got: The X-Pro2, my private viewing at Chiswick Camera Centre I am impressed. It’s a long time (about four years) since I owned the X-Pro1 but my immediate verdict was that the new camera is better constructed than the old one, which in itself was no slouch in the quality stakes. Control layout is ideal and, as usual with Fuji, there is a physical toggle to swap between screen, viewfinder and auto—something that is sadly missing on cameras such as the Sony A7 and the Leica Q. I also like the new ISO dial, nicely protected, in a window incorporated in the shutter speed dial…….


A Visit to Park Slope With The Fuji XF 35mm F2 Lens | Patrick Leong

I went over to Park Slope yesterday to visit a friend because he’s hugely into photography like me, and he wanted to see the new Fuji XF 35mm F2 R WR lens.  For those who don’t know, Park Slope is part of Brooklyn. I don’t visit it much but I should.  It actually has some great places to eat, and a beautiful park (Prospect Park) whose designers, I believe, also designed Central Park. In addition to bringing the XF 35mm F2 lens and my X-T1, I also brought along my XF 35mm F1.4 and my tripod.  As I mentioned earlier, my friend is also into photography, so he had no problem or should I say, he didn’t get bored assisting me in taking some comparison shots between the two lenses.  I wanted these photos because in addition to my upcoming review of the 35mm F2, I thought it would be cool to write up a comparison between the two Fuji 35mm lenses……..


Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm F2.0 R WR

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