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Zeiss Touit – Review and Mini Shoot Out | Drew Gardner

So after a hectic weekend with still not enough time using the lenses, it is time to share my results and findings. As a ‘health warning’ this should not be considered a full on review, more an extended hands on, in the real world, also it will be from a Fuji users perspective, as I am not a Sony user.

Touit, why?

Looking at it from the perspective of the Fuji and Sony, it was a good way of increasing the reach of the brand, offering more choice for the consumer. Interestingly I was speaking to one camera dealer who was recounting to me how he gets a fair few prospective Leica M owners coming in to his shop. Firstly he breaks the news to them that supply is an issue and then there is the small matter of the price…So he offers them the Fuji X Pro1, quite a few have  opted to buy the Fuji, one can imagine that to the discerning customer, the option of a Fuji X Pro 1 sporting Zeiss glassware will be even more compelling……

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A camera build to endure klutzes: the Fuji X-Pro 1 |
Charlene Winfred

I bought the X-Pro 1 with the 35mm f1.4 lens in July 2012.

Earlier that year I’d sustained a neck injury that meant DSLR gear was too heavy to lug around. I wanted something smaller and lighter, which still delivered DSLR quality images with good low light handling. Until that point, I hadn’t come across a compact camera that was quite satisfactory. The X-Pro 1 came with that customer proposition. Several months after its initial release, I still couldn’t find a review which faulted any aspect of it that mattered to me. It sounded perfect. I sold most of my professional DSLR gear to afford the X-Pro 1 and the 35mm f1.4. There was no hesitation involved. I knew a fair few people who used the X-Pro 1 and loved it, and went for it based on that. I’m no specialist user. I’ll quite happily get used to whatever is tough enough to withstand me. The other camera I was considering at the time was the Olympus OM-D, but the Fuji had the larger sensor. Real estate, in my mind, is always good……

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Marrakech summer trip with the Fuji X-Pro1 | Nick Brickett

Last summer, Natalie and I took our first trip abroad together to the beautiful country of Morocco. We decided to take the break as early into the summer holidays as possible with Nat being a teacher, we wanted to avoid the usual family-packed places and find somewhere with some culture for us to explore and somewhere street photography would be good to do. Marrakech jumped out at us, so a mere 4 weeks before the term break-up we made a spur of the moment decision one evening and booked it. I tried to pack light, so I took the X-Pro1 (my main street camera at the time) and the 35mm f1.4 Fuji lens – a winning combination in most situations. Though now part of me wishes I’d taken the 18mm as well, but I like to limit myself to one lens and challenge my internal visualisation while shooting……

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Varanasi with the Fuji X-Pro 1 | Sebastien Bey-Haut

I just came back from a photo trip in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh, India) and would like to share a few shots of this incredible city. Varanasi (or Banaras) is one of the holiest cities of the Hindu religion. It’s mostly known for its Ghats on the banks of the Ganga river. Varanasi is said to be older than history, and frankly speaking it seems true. Going there is like entering another time dimension. It’s the dirtiest but also the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. To give you an idea of the local mood the nice guy with the skull is an Aghori Kapalik baba, a member of an Hindu sect known to eat pieces of human bodies found in the Ganga. The “fire shot” has been taken at Manikarnika, the most important “open air cremation” Ghat of India. You should however not be afraid by these disturbing aspects of the city; these traditions are part of its magic. Going there is actually quite safe, precautions should of course be taken in terms of health (drinking a glass of Ganga water might not be a good idea), but no particular violence is to be feared……

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Good times in Jamaica | Karim Haddad

I finally made it out to Jamaica… nearly two months ago!! What can I say? There are plenty of distractions in Miami outside of work that might have played some part in delaying this post. I left on Christmas day to meet a couple friends who were flying in from Baltimore. It was my first (personal) trip to the Caribbean since I moved to Miami. As long as I’m here, I can’t complain about all the tropical destinations that are less than three hours away, and I need to do a better job of taking advantage of them. I had been wanting to go to Jamaica for a long time – the beaches and Kingston. Although we were only visiting Montego Bay and Negril on this trip, I still had high expectations. One of the things I was most excited about was my next opportunity to take pictures outside of the US, even if I wasn’t able to get a waterproof camera in time. I arrived about an hour before my friends. As soon as I cleared customs at Montego Bay, I went to the bar outside the airport for some Red Stripes and beef patties. I documented that whole experience via my iPhone on Instagram. I was looking forward to doing more of that, but sadly my phone did not survive much longer. It was charging while we were at the hotel getting ready to hit the beach. As we were rushing out I snatched the phone off the table, forgetting to screw in that crucial piece on my waterproof case. About an hour later, as I laid back floating on the water, I pulled the phone out to to take a picture only to notice that the case had been completely flooded with salt water. Not cool… but needless to say, I had brought my X-Pro1 along on the trip……

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Fuji X-Pro1. A short review and test | Mark Bolton

I have found what I have been looking for! I have had Canon G6, G7, G9 G10, G11 and G1x, I’ve had Fuji x100, Canon S90, Sony RX100, Ive had Olympus Pen EP1, I’ve had Coolpixs, I’ve had Iphone 5 (!) and I’ve had Holgas and Lomo… My work kit is a Canon 6d and 5d2 but I can’t settle on a ‘carry round camera’ (snap camera, spare camera, party camera, travel camera etc etc)….until now!  I LOVE the Fuji X-Pro 1. Before you say it, I know its much much more than a ‘snappy’ camera, its a whole system, capable of top quality results.  But I love it because its small, light and easy to carry, it has a range of lenses available, and it is extremely well made…. it feels ‘heavy’ (in a good way!), its metal and it looks beautiful.  It harks back to the Rangefinder cameras of the past, and looks (a bit) like an old Leica……

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Fujifilm 2014 Rajasthan Photo Trek | Matt Brandon

It is always difficult to find even a few moments to post photos and updates when leading a workshop. But we have made it to Pushkar and that means for the participants of the Fujifilm Rajasthan Photo Trek a day of rest. We had two quick days in Delhi exploring my favorite haunts, Nizamuddin and Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. After that a overnight train trip to Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan. Our group is diverse in make up – some folks have hardly picked up a camera and others are seasoned photographers. But everyone seems to be hitting it off and finding their groove. I hope by tomorrow or the next day I will be able to post of our participants work, it is quite impressive. The image below shows Piet Van den Eynde leading the group in an impromptu lesson on off-camera lighting. The next image shows the result…….

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Fuji X-Pro1 Shoots The Moon | Bryan Jones

I’ve been exploring astrophotography a bit more with the Fuji X-Pro1 and have been tremendously happy shooting the moon at least.  The next step in the evolution of astrophotography with this camera is to start shooting more deep sky objects.  This is going to require a bit more effort, some tracking tools and some software tricks to make the images that I have in mind. The trick with fainter objects that require telephoto lenses or even telescopes to see is that the earth is rotating pretty fast relative to these faint objects.  Even the moon being close in and shockingly bright (Remember that these images are f/12 aperture equivalent and 1/160 exposure at ISO 200), moves pretty rapidly through your field of view.  Here is a movie of the moon seen through the same setup as the first image.  Now if you imagine a much fainter object that requires much longer exposures (think multiple 30sec exposures equivalent to an hour of imaging time), you are going to need some way to compensate for the rotation of the earth.  More on that in a later post…..

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Montego Bay Wedding Photography | Ashley & Garrett (Preview) |
V. Opoku

Man, I love an adventure! I have had some incredible experiences in my lifetime, and this is right up there with the best of them. Ashley & Garrett, you guys are the coolest – way beyond anything I could have imagined; still not as cool as Rachel & Jeje though. It was an honour to spend the past week in Jamaica together with you, your kids, and your family & friends – we had fun! It is going to be very difficult to express such an awesome experience and my hope is that these photographs repay your trust and faith in me. This. Is. Just. A. Preview. And YES Ash, I will be your BFF, so long as Garrett is ok with it. Boom!

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Kiev’s fatigue | Eric Bouvet

After months of fight in Majdan square, the tiredness is everywhere….

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