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Still Life with MC ROKKOR-PG 58/1.2 | vk.photo

Finally I got time to put together a small set of B&W still life images inspired by a visit to friend’s rustic cottage and taken with my favourite camera and legacy lens: Enjoy! All images : Fuji X-Pro1+MC ROKKOR-PG 58/1.2+Iridient Developer+NIK Silver Efex Pro …..

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Hands-On MHG-XPRO Grip | Chris Dodkin

The new Fuji MHG-XPRO grip has just arrived for my X-Pro1, so I’ve down a quick comparison with the original Fuji grip, and illustrated how the new grip works with the camera. The original grip on the X-Pro1 – note that I had to support the camera to stop it tipping forward and resting on the lens/hood. The original grip fixes in place with a D-Ring, has a central tripod bush, but needs to be removed to access the battery/SD card. It does have a non-slip rubber material on the base, which is absent from the new model…….

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Finding the perfect, compact tripod for the X-2, X-Pro
and X-T1 | Tom Grill

As the Fuji X-camera system continues to expand and improve, I find myself using it more frequently. I have been riding a bike in New York ever since I can remember, and always carried a camera with me when I go exploring the city, and a Fuji X camera system is the perfect size. I rarely need to carry a tripod on these trips, but lately have wanted to do some long exposures where a tripod is a necessity. Problem is that my normal Gitzo tripod isn’t really compact enough to fit in my accessory bag. So I began a search for very small, light-weight tripod that would still be sturdy enough to hold an X-camera steady. That search led me to the Sirui T-025X. The Sirui T-025X is a carbon fiber tripod that folds to just 11.8″ (30cm), yet opens to a 54″ height. It also has a number of other features I like, such as quick twist legs where you can open and lock all leg extensions with one hand motion — the same as on my favorite Gitzo….

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My Fuji XP1, Named Andre’ Loves The 18mm | Streetshooter

There comes a time where your inner vision tries to meet with your outer vision. Of course at that time when all things just seem to make sense and just work together. Well, let me tell you something! At that time, what you don’t need is your camera to have a sense of humor, good or bad. This is why I talk about intrusions and the need to avoid them. The wrong camera at the time of the The Coming of  The Joining and your not going to be happy. Think of it like this……. it’s summer time, all over the world, even in The Land of Oz. Your sipping you favorite beverage. Your wife, girl friend, partner whatever just wants you to be happy. “Sure my love, buy as many new cameras as you like. I think it’s a great idea.” See, in reality, at least the one I’m in…this is a dream come true. Your laying back just so relaxed, that maybe this is even better than Heaven, well…at least here on the earth. Then as you dreaming about the new FUJI XP5 that has a four speed and makes coffee….all the sudden…there’s a BUZZ around your head. It won’t stop…that nasty mosquito just wants to intrude on the dream and it does. You no longer relax, you wife, spouse, mate, partner etc is yelling at you again because on you computer screen is the new camera you want….

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Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Valladolid, Spain | Rafael Garcia

Our community of readers and contributors are truly from around the world. While browsing, I stumbled upon a nice set of images about Semana Santa in Spain by Rafael Garcia.

Rafael, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Rafael García, but please call me Rafa (I think we are acquainted by now :) ). I was born in 1970 in Zamora, a small city in Spain. Engineer. That’s my university degree and that’s my job. Since I was really young I had a crush on Fine Arts (painting, sculpture and music specially). I think my interest for photography was a natural move after all these years. I mean a move from just watching and enjoying to building up and creating something for myself. Now photography has become a passion, and that’s an understatement…….

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The Essential Landscape Photography Kit | David Cleland

I often receive emails querying the suitability of a particular camera body or lens for landscape photography. To be honest my landscape photography set up is pretty simple and hasn’t changed very much over the last few years. I was going to name this article ’8 Essential items for Landscape Photography’ but considered the days I go out just with the X100s in its leather case. Therefore the following list are the things I normally take with me and my advice is to keep your gear simple and as light as possible. Heading out for a ten kilometre trek over rough ground means is challenging enough so I tend to keep things as minimal as I can……

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Old Meets New – X-Pro1 + Nikkor 105mm — Calgary Photographer |
Nathan Elson

Adapting off brand lenses to specific camera’s is nothing new, people have been doing it for years, but this was my first real crack at testing some legacy glass on the X-Pro1, so I thought I would share some images from the shoot and some thoughts on the overall process. This story begins some time ago when I was browsing the consignment area over at The Camera Store and noticed a Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 ai-s just sitting there looking lonely with a nice little price tag attached to it. It tugged on my heart strings a little (not really) so I scooped it up along with the Metabones NF-X adapter and set out to start planning a shoot to test this new combo……

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Fuji XP1 Works the Streets of Philadelphia | Streetshooter

I’ve started a project that will continue. It’s about how and why I make photos and it’s on this blog. Apparently some are getting much out of it as some post were made and I have a fair amount of emails. Anyway, here on this post in the here and now with my eye, heart and mind…I’m digging into the XP1 again. One of the things bloggers do to generate income and traffic is to do reviews of popular cameras and lenses etc. I read a few but to be honest, I feel that I don’t get the shooters real view as most bloggers have the camera for  a short time and have a responsibility to the supplier to make a review and then, go to the next. So when I write about the XP1 or XE1 or even the GRD4, it’s because I am using them for way more than a few days. I also think that anyone reading anything I write expects a certain approach in truthfulness that I try to maintain. I’m not putting anyone down and not building myself up. I’m just explaining that I am a serious photographer and I don’t care what someone tells me about how good a camera etc is, I want to find out first hand….and I do! I had the 18mm on the XP1. The lens suits my vision and is about perfect for the street.(Enter all the doom-slayers….it’s not that sharp, it’s not as good as the ….) I was watching these young kids talking and hugging and stuff. This old guy is right in front of me and he’s kinda watching but I can feel he’s uneasy. I could feel his anguish in being alone juxtaposed against the young love in front of him. Where does that put me…c’mon…the XP1 got exactly what I was feeling and wanted. sheeeesh…. shooters make photos!……

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ARGENTINA – CHILE: Picking up the pieces | Michael McQueen

After fighting a cold in Bariloche I fled south hoping to put some serious miles on my motorbike and really get stuck into Patagonia. I re-entered Chile at Futalefew and started my journey on the Carretera Austral, a very well known road for cyclist and motorcyclist. Just after crossing the border I entered the unpredictable environment of Patagonia. It rained, it was windy, it was cold. I found the road to be absolutely terrible, it was like riding on a dried up river bed where some sections the rocks the road was made of were bigger than my head. I persevered and made it to a small road side town La Junta. My boots were full of water, I was cold, wet and shaken to my bones from the road.. I checked into a hotel and the day was over……

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London Street Photography & The Fuji X-Pro1 | Rob Grimes

I headed into London on the 1st of February 2014 to meet up with some good friends, Steve & Chris for a chance to hang out, grab some food, have a laugh and to hit the streets for some practise with my newly purchased Fuji X-Pro 1. I have to say that compared to carrying around a Nikon DSLR and a few lenses, it was refreshing to finally have a camera that is lighter and more suited to me, to street photography and a great addition to my weddings. I’ve only had the camera a few days, so I’m still trying my best to find the best way to use the camera and to what settings work for me, but after shooting all day yesterday with the X-Pro 1 i was blown away by how great this camera really is and how detailed the images were. I only had the 18mm lens that came with the camera and i’m still waiting for the 35mm lens to finally arrive, but i loved the 18mm and throughout the day it makes you work for the image but with clean sharp images. Overall I’m still learning the camera and looking forward to using the X-Pro 1 when i fly to Vegas at the beginning of March and for some more street photography throughout the year, but so far, I’m very happy with the Fuji X-Pro 1…….

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