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Paris – Part 2 | Sam Burton

A second set of images from our recent trip to Paris. All taken with the Fuji XF 35mm & 18mm lenses and processed with VSCO Film…..

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Light test | Timo Koponen

Just a quick post to share some images from recent test shoot with Jasmin. Beauty shots with just one strobe. And a reflector. And a mirror. And then some.. Let’s start with the light setup. Which I pretty much stole from some (can’t remember the exact one, sorry) Creative Live online workshop that was hosted by Matthew Jordan Smith (he is an extraordinary photographer). Having original ideas is so passé, isn’t it?

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The Fuji X-Pro is not a Toy! | Suberashi

I made the move month or so ago too Fuji, as a Canon user everyone had told me “full frame is best”, “DSLR’s are real cameras”. But I needed a camera that didn’t weigh as much as me, didn’t make me look like a photo bore and was discreet and powerful enough to work hard. I’m not into the fine nitty gritty of camera tech bluster or how the EXIF compares between formats see to me that just gets in the way of taking photos. Of course those things are important but not my over riding worry. Having a light discreet good low light body was the aim. After reading various thoughts positive and negative I had a play and was sold. The X Pro is a creative tool, I ended up feeling my 5d was becoming a work tool, and to be fair was getting a bit weary of being “that guy” with the big camera round his neck…..

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More than 3.000.000 page views on my Scoop.it page | Thomas Menk


Great, more than 3.000.000 page views on my Scoop.it page in less than 2 years!

Thank you so much for your supporting. You are an incredible creative and valuable community :-)

If you have great X-system pictures, story’s about Fuji Photographers, reviews, tips and tricks, comparison tests, impressions and more about the Fujifilm X-Pro1 – X-E1/E2 or X100s and there lenses, feel free to send me your suggestion :-) If your are looking for a better categorization of these articles or better search functions you can visit my blog at: http://www.tomen.de/blog

Hope of further collaboration and good light for everyone :-)

Official Fuji X-Photographer

Travelling to Hongkong with the X-Pro1 | Ming Art

Back in September I was fortune enough to travel to Hongkong again. I just purchased the X-Pro1 with the fantastic 35mm and been renting the brand new 14mm prime lenses. Some pictures straight OOC with no post-production. Others were RAW files developed with Lightroom 3/Silver FX. As many other photo enthusiastics already posting in their blogs, I have to repeat this: the X-System is just fun to use and enjoying to take pictures again (after travelling one year before with my heavy Canon 5D Mark II). Thank you Fujifilm!

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So You Want to Be a Guerilla Photojournalist | Mark Taylor

Donald Weber’s quest for a compelling story has taken him across the planet, through Africa, eastern Europe, Russia and South America. The Toronto-born shooter has won two World Press Photo Awards, the Lange-Taylor Documentary Prize, completed the Guggenheim and Canada Council fellowships and is a member of the acclaimed VII Photo Agency. After years abroad, the Canadian photojournalist is back living in North America and wrapping up a new project, War Sand. He recently took time from his busy schedule to talk about the project, how he does what he does, and why working at a newspaper is still an awesome job….

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Summary of 2013 and Top 10 images of the year | Olaf Sztaba

While heading to the ballroom on New Year’s Eve, we photographers had a lot of reasons to celebrate: 2013 was a year when many people rediscovered their passion for photography. After years of megapixel wars and an SLR monopoly, last year brought us new tools, which helped to redirect our senses toward image creation and away from technical mumbo-jumbo. Of course, as many of you know, Kasia and I have been shooting exclusively with the Fuji X-series cameras. Since our first interaction with the game-changing X100, to the later-released Fuji X-Pro1, Fuji X-E1 and Fuji X100S, our way of seeing the world has found its camera match. While looking through our 2013 images we couldn’t have been more pleased. If there are any flaws or imperfections they could all be ascribed to our failure in the process of crafting an image rather than to any gear limitations…..

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Fuji ‘Through my Eyes’ Photographer | Gerry Walden

I am a freelance photographer living in Southampton, England. this Tumblr site is dedicated the work I do with the Fujifilm X-Pro1. I have been gradually adding new work to my ‘Street Photography’ gallery, and there is a slide show you can view by clicking on this link. I hope you enjoy the images, and maybe smile at one or two. I am afraid it appears the slide show may be a bit slow……

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CES 2014 | New Grips – Fuji X-Series | Chris Dodkin

I got a chance to see and try the new Fuji grips this morning – for the X-E1/2 and the X-Pro1. Both grips remind me of RRS equipment – they are very light weight but strong, and are well made – Boxes say made in China on them. Both grips attach using an allen key and screw – so they are not something you’d be taking on and off frequently. They felt good on camera – less obtrusive than the current grips – at least to me……

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Without Reception | Sven Schroeter

Maybe my wife thought it was funny to book a trip for the close of 2013 without cell phone coverage, or an active internet connection, but having come out the other end feeling the way I do, I totally get it. The experience was definitely worth the withdrawl. Constantly glued to the keyboard and enslaved to the drum of social media’s beat was taking its toll. The plan over the break was to head into the New Zealand alpine regions, embarking on another one of the countries great walks: the Kepler. Wandering through beech forest, along lake shores, listening to rolling thunder through the valleys and placing one foot after another, while engulfed in vast valleys and snow capped peaks, is a great way to clear the air and your head. Almost all my nature work comes from the vast and varied landscapes of New Zealand, but the stunning views and painting perfect vistas come at a price. Day one of four on the Kepler was spent amongst native bush; winding into the hills it was a slog in the heat, with nothing but up and more up around every bend, for six very long hours. With a 15 kg pack on your back, bursting at the seams, each step was a mental battle until the trail gave up its bounty and the views pushed the constant reminder of aching hip and knee joints deep into your subconscious……

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