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X-Pro 1 and Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f5,6 | Nathan Wright

Going really wide wasn’t easy for me. On film I was a 28, 50, and 85 man. But when I began shooting shop interiors, a super wide angle lens became necessary to accompany my favourite 35mm (50 equivalent) lens. And because I tend to run from system to system, I needed something that could be adapted to anything. The 12mm f/5,6 UltraWide Heliar Voigtlander was the logical choice for my work……

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The risks of travel photography tours | Harry Fisch

The risks are not those we are told about: no tiger will devour us and it is unlikely that we will be speared by a savage. A “savage” who, by the way, no longer uses a spear, but a “Kalashnikov”, a much cleaner and safer method of killing, something else that the consumer society has brought with it. Sometimes the risks come from drinking tea in cups of dubious aspect – to put it elegantly- and of a disquieting color. At other times they come from getting “Holy Water” from the Ganges in the face. But most times, they come from using rusty taxis that have never had a technical inspection as transportation. On this trip I was lucky: I wasn’t required to ingest “Prasat” (the sweet food that you get at the temples as the highest blessing of all), nor to share my plate with the workers at the salt mines (it is interesting to see the level of hygiene of crockery at some places in this part of the world). I have decided to draw up a list of potential risk factors for travelers/photographers, all of them undoubtedly of great interest to insurance companies. Their order does not imply a risk hierarchy…..

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Street Photography – Sydney | Rene Gaviola

Dawes Point Park, The Rocks in Sydney

The hot spot for wedding photography. Fuji X-Pro1

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Studio shoot met Fuji X-Pro1 | John Bouma

Google Translater (NL -> ENG)

For some time I’m in possession of a Fuji X-Pro1 camera, a very nice retro look (mirrorless) camera with excellent specifications.
It’s not a DSLR, does have the ability to exchange lenses and is less intimidating as for example the Canon 5D MK III. Fujifilm has developed a new sensor for the X series, and these sensors are all real winners. This week I have the Fuji X-Pro1 subjected to a test in the studio to see how the camera behaves there. I must say I am very impressed with both the camera and the quality of the lenses. below are the results of a very nice photo shoot with model Marell Niekolaas

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Visiting Joshua Tree… again | Karim Haddad

It was my first real opportunity for landscape photography with the X-Pro1. I already shared some infrared shots from my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  It was my second time there; the first was in the spring of 2012 shortly after I bought my 5D Mark III – also the site of my first landscape shoot with that camera. Once again, going to Joshua Tree was an opportunity for some well-needed alone time. It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was in Los Angeles to see my family. After driving for about three hours, I finally made it to the park on Friday afternoon, knowing I would have to leave less than 24 hours later. So I didn’t have much time… and to make matters worse, it started raining as soon as I got past the gate. I kept driving until I found a good place to stop and shoot. After I found what might have been an ideal spot, I decided to keep driving until the rain stopped (not a very good idea in hindsight). Eventually the rain did stop though, so I pulled over somewhere. As soon as I had fired off a few shots, the rain started coming down again…..

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Fujifilm hand grips for X-Pro1 et X-E2 | LetsGoDigital

Hand grips for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E2 : The Fujifilm MHG-XPRO and MHG-XE hand grips provide enhanced grip and hold for the X-Pro1, X-E1 and the X-E2, plus allow access to the battery and memory card slot without removing the grip. Maintaining the quality associated with X Series cameras, the new hand grip bases are milled from aluminum block with the grip designed to integrate perfectly with the camera, to deliver firm grip whilst keeping a stylish silhouette. The new hand grips allow an additional 8mm clearance from the camera body base to prevent large-diameter lenses such as the XF 23mm and XF 55-200mm from interfering with the tripod head…..

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A Blanket of Snow over Vancouver | Morten Byskov

Vancouver woke up to a blanket of snow this morning. In Vernon we have had snow for about a month give or take but in Vancouver they do not see the white stuff that often. Cars were sliding on the up hills. Guys in suits slipping in office shoes. Faces were hidden under umbrellas and parkas but there were also lots of smiles to be traced as the snow arrived just 5 days before Christmas. I took a walk around the downtown core with my Fujifilm X-Pro 1  and XF 35 1.4R armed with the latest firmware 3.10. The biggest difference and the feature I really put to the test was the new Auto ISO, which allows a much higher min. shutter speed than before. It worked just as hoped and is a great feature for this type of photography. Kudos to Fuji for releasing yet another firmware upgrade. The X-Pro1 keeps getting better…..

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Andreas Kandsberger

It was one of these evenings that I wont´t ever forget. The TURIN BRAKES  touched down in munich to play a gig at the ATOMIC CAFE in Munich. As they are one of my favorite bands I was very proud to get the opportunity to take pictures of the concert and the soundcheck. ENJOY!

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At the track with some X in-between | Neill Soden

My brother and a friend asked for some motocross action photos. The X-Series does not really suit this kind of shooting, so I tackled it with my wife’s D600 and the stunning 70-200mm f/2.8. However, I found having the X-Pro1 with 35mm on my side for in-between the action shots very handy. But this is were it got interesting and cool. The light was starting to get bad, and I was about to go. I have just packed my bags, and turned around, and saw this great sky with some amazing clouds. Technical stuff started to go though my head; high speed sync, D600, SB900. How do I do it again…but then it hit me that I had my X100S on me and I know I can push the shutter to 1/1000 with the flash. Pulled it out, together with my SB900, set the Flash to SU mode and did a quick test to make sure that the SB900 will trigger with the bright light and the onboard flash of the X100S……

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From Russia with Love: Urban Landscapes | Thomas Marek

Last weekend I was performing with bass player Kurt Holzkämper in St. Petersburg. It was a blast being on stage with our tap&bass show again. And St. Petersburg is truly a beautiful city. Here are a few pics I shot in-between performing and teaching a workshop. The photos were shot with an Fuji xpro 1 and an iphone 5s…..

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