Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R

Zeiss Touit 32mm F1.8 vs. Fuji XF 35mm F1.4 R Lens Comparison |
Patrick Leong

The Fuji XF 35mm F1.4 R lens is one of the most popular lenses for the Fuji X Series.  It was the lens that I was looking forward to most when I first purchased my X-Pro1, and I’m sure it’s a first lens for many people.  It’s fast, it’s well built, it’s compact, and it produces fantastic image quality.  Recently though, Zeiss has entered the game with their Zeiss Touit series of lenses. So far, Zeiss has produced two lenses for the X Series: a 12mm F2.8 and a 32mm F1.8.  I really enjoyed my time with the 12mm F2.8.  However, that’s not to say that Fuji’s XF 14mm is bad in any way. In fact, I’ve only heard great things about the Fuji.  But the Zeiss is a great option as well if you want something wider than a 21mm equivalent. With the Zeiss 32mm, things are a little different because I believe the focal length is a lot closer to Fuji’s XF 35mm lens yet it costs $300 more.  If you think about it, that’s 50% more then the XF 35mm, which many think is one of the best lenses for the Fuji X Series.  Is the Zeiss worth the extra money?…..

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Fine Art Photography | Thomas Menk

Fuji X-Pro1 samples with 35mm and 18-55mm.

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Vintage standard lens shootout | Jonas Dyhr Rask

So, today I wanted to share a little something that I did last night. I have been collecting vintage prime lenses around the 50 mm FOV for a couple of months now. I’m really fond of each and every one of them. However they do render so differently. It is, by now, no secret that I REALLY like my Helios 44m-4 58mm f/2 lens. But how would it stack up against all my other primes, such as the excellent Super-takumar 55mm /f2 or the beast of a minolta 50mm f/1.2? What I really like about these vintage lenses is their ability to render black and white. This is due to their old coating which doesn’t supply much contrast, so for b&w I have a lot more dynamic range, and I can play with contrast in post process. Coupled with the high ISO look of the X-Pro1 you get some output files that looks VERY film like. So, thats what I tried to set up. I did a simple test setup. I set it up at night, with low light as to get grain from hi ISO, I took a shot in colour and subsequently did a straight desaturation to black & white. The test enviroment featured a messy background so as to compare bokeh quality.

The lenses tested are:

  • Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 55mm f/2
  • Fujinon M42 50mm f/1.4
  • Helios 44m-4 58mm f/2
  • Yashinon DX 50mm f/1.7
  • Minolta Rokkor MD 50mm f/1.2
  • Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4

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Lens Comparison: Zeiss 32mm f1.8 vs Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 (X Mount) |
Chris Gampat

We’ve been playing with the Zeiss 32mm f1.8 for a little while now on the Fujifilm X Pro 1 and it dawned on us from the comments that it could perhaps be a competitor to the Fujifilm 35mm f1.4. The lenses share many similarities but also have a couple of key differences.


While both lenses are quite good, Fujifilm has a major advantage with a more affordable offering while also retaining a better build quality. However, Zeiss has faster focusing and better image quality. This is kind of a tough test to consider but we should all take comfort in knowing that both lenses are excellent. But on a personal scale, I’ve always had a love for Zeiss products the same way that Steve Huff loves his Leicas. And in the end, I’ll have to give the win to the Zeiss despite owning Fujifilm’s lens.

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Gods & Machinery | Patrick La Roque | The KAGE COLLECTIVE

They come to tame the dragon, deep in the heart of its den. I follow them into a half-light I’ve come to associate with ceremonial spaces; this is a temple to motor oil, dust and gasoline. The machine is massive, built to plow through dense northern trails thick with freshly fallen snow. But today it refuses to budge. Its steel frame shudders in fits and hiccups but the motor won’t start; such a capricious old beast. Get the tools out. Sharpen those swords. Screw this, loosen that. I’m circling & lurking as the ritual takes place. It’s all very quiet, the silence only broken by muffled questions & puzzlement. There’s no banter, just slow, rational work: from one to two, then two to three. Connect the dots. Solve the puzzle. Suddenly, without warning, the Thing roars. Exit the warrior priests…..

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Fujinon XF 14mm, XF 18mm, XF 35mm: Angle of view comparison |
Mike Kobal

Here is the angle of view comparison you guys asked for  Fujinon XF 14mm, Fujinon XF 18mm, Fujinon XF 35mm.
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When Night Rises: Fuji X-E1 with 35mm 1.4 | Mike Kobal

A few random twilight and night shots captured with the Fuji X-E1, the Fujifilm 35mm f1.4 and 18mm f2. When my favorite all-round camera, the Nikon D800E remains shelved due to weight and size (crazy good refurbished Nikon deals, including D600, D800, click here), I reach for the Fuji X-E1, a serious lightweight alternative. I admit, shooting without an AA filter can be very addictive

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Foodography with the Fuji X-Pro 1 | Gabor Nagy

Just because I had nothing to do this afternoon and Hanna found something to play with(and not jumping on my back) I baked a blueberry tart(or sort of). Didn’t feel like having an espresso so I decided to brew a light filter coffee for myself with Aeropress.

Hanna was still busy playing so I grabbed couple of flashguns, triggers, a softbox and some light diffuser and did a few coffe and cake shots.  All images were made with the Fuji X-Pro 1 and the 35mm f1.4 lens and processed in Lightroom.

My wife loved the cake too, but probably she’s going to kill me for my „nothing to do“ opening line.
Bon appetit mon ami!

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Vizhinjam Fishing Village | Morten Sillesen

On the morning of 29th of December 2012 I visited a little village just south of Kovalam, Kerala India. It is called Vizhinjam and life takes place in and around a fishing harbour. Vizhinjam seemed like a self-containing mechanism, despite the very basic livestyle lived here. It is located a maximum of 10 minutes by taxi south of the tourist spot in Kovalam, the Lighthouse Beach. And as such it is a huge contrast to the clean beach, the hotels etc. on Lighthouse Beach. Vizhinjam is a “real” village. I have tried to give an honest portrait of this little village with kind, but poor and hardworking people. The boats had already landed after fishing during the night. Nets where fixed. Boats was maintained. Some of the fishermen relaxed. The women sold the fish at the local market place. And the very small village even had a small churh with a church square surrounded by religious flags. As always in India the colours where great. But, I was mainly caught by the authenticy and roughness found here.

All photographed with Fuji X-Pro1 + Fujinon 35mm f/1.4.

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X-Pro1 Firmware Update Ver.2.03 | Fujifilm Global


The firmware update Ver.2.03 from Ver. 2.01 incorporates the following issue

  1. Adding the compatibility with „XF14mmF2.8R“
    You will get the full performance of „XF14mmF2.8R“, including Manual Focus function.
  2. Improvement in performance

    (1) Accuracy of auto focus performance has been much improved under a various shooting condition. Shooting with XF35mm lens, Shooting for the target with relatively high frequency, One-push AF by pressing AE-L/AF-L button,

    To enable more accurate AF performance with XF35mm lens, please update the firmware of your Fujinon XF35mm lens at the same time. Firmware version must be Ver 2.02 or later.

    (2) Improvement of unexpected pixels recorded in the top far-left taken with XF18-55mm Lens under the condition of middle range focal length.


The firmware update Ver.2.02 incorporates the following issue:

  • This update will improve the accuracy of auto focus function for various shooting condition.

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