Fuji X: Snapshooter, pro pretender or photographic panacea | Bill Palmer

Our friends at DP Review have published an illuminating report of an interview with Yuji Igarashi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division, Takashi Ueno, manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Group Sales and Marketing and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Divisions and Ryouichi Takamoto, Optical Device & Electronic Imaging Products Division, Sales and Marketing Staff. The full article by Barney Britton can be found here and I would encourage you to read it.There seems to be a bit of internet angst over some of what is reported as having been said, with three things in particular attracting comment, both pro and anti: „The X-Pro series are special cameras for snapshooting, reportage and so on. But the X-T2 is a multipurpose camera, so we’re trying to sell the X-T2 to DSLR users, compact camera users—all photo enthusiasts and professional photographers…..

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‚Our goal is to satisfy everyone‘: an interview with Fujifilm execs | Barney Britton

Following the launch of the Fujifilm X-T2 last week, we sat down with senior executives from Fujifilm.

  • Yuji Igarashi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division.
  • Takashi Ueno, manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Group Sales and Marketing and Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Divisions.
  • Ryouichi Takamoto, Optical Device & Electronic Imaging Products Division, Sales and Marketing Staff.

We talked about the X-T2, Fujifilm’s plans for lenses, and why the company is putting a lot of energy into video. The following interview is taken from on-record portions of our conversation, and has been edited slightly for flow and clarity. …..

Source: ‚Our goal is to satisfy everyone‘: an interview with Fujifilm execs: Digital Photography Review

Fujifilm X-T2 at Le Mans Classic | Jeff Carter

On Thursday and Friday last week I had the privilege of being part of the European launch of the brand new Fujifilm X-T2 in Paris and at the Le Mans Classic.  Fujifilm invited 200 guests from all over Europe to travel to Paris for the official launch of the camera with a press conference and then a chance to have a ‚hands on‘ session with the X-T2 over a buffet and a few drinks. The press conference included a Q&A session with fellow X Photographer John Rourke with Fujifilm’s Marketing Manager Andreas Georghiades. It was also great to see a set of images on display in the room which included my shot of Danny Watts sitting in the Strakka Racing Gibson in the Le Mans Pitlane in the pouring rain.  A good example of how good the weather proofing is on the camera…..

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Instax Share SP-2: first impressions | FUJI LOVE

When Fujifilm announced the Instax Share SP-1 printer I asked myself what I would use it for, and for long couldn’t find an answer that would justify the relatively high cost of each print. Later I realized that I could utilize it as a marketing tool, and all of a sudden I had so many ideas popping up that I just had to get one. Among other neat ideas I use Instax prints as my business card – could you think of a better business card for a photographer than…a photo? I couldn’t. But every coin has two sides and the SP-1 sure has its quirks, so the news that Fujifilm were about to release a new version of this printer caught my attention right away, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.The batteryIn my opinion the only real improvement is that the SP-2 has a rechargeable battery. The CR2 batteries used for the SP-1 are relatively hard to get (especially abroad when travelling) and expensive and last for only about 60 prints. The new SP-2 printer comes with a rechargeable NP-45S battery but – at least from what I can see from the official press releases – without a charger. Considering the fact that the printer has a USB port I hope that standard USB chargers can be used with this product. This would also allow for firmware updates unless charging is the only purpose of this port. For travel I would recommend the purchase of at least one more NP-45S battery……

Source: Instax Share SP-2: first impressions | FUJI LOVE

Nikon D500 | Back to Nikon from Fuji? | Rick Lewis

This is not a review, but rather a collection of some thoughts for the serious non-professional photographer, about the Nikon D500.  I say for the non-professional because if you are making money with photography you pretty much know what is going to work for you and what is not.  And, by “serious” I mean folks that tend to shoot mainly or always in RAW.  If you are shooting in Jpeg, and there is nothing wrong with that at all, I still recommend Fuji cameras over all others.  Again, this is not scientific, just my thoughts.  Your milage will vary! A few days ago I took delivery of the D500.  I’ve shot quite a number of images now, using most all of the features that are touted by Nikon.  One exception is shooting fast action.  I don’t get much opportunity to do so, and, to be quite honest, if this thing has the same focus system as the D5, well, my guess is it’s pretty darn good at tracking……

Source: Nikon D500 | Back to Nikon from Fuji? – Rick Lewis Photography

The Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Can Add Filters to Your Prints | The Phoblographer

When Fujifilm launched their Instax printer a while back, we honestly couldn’t imagine a way that it could be improved or reworked. But Fujifilm has proven us wrong with their announcement of the Share SP-2 printer. The company claims that it has improved WiFi connectivity, quieter operation with a print appearing in 10 seconds as opposed to 16, and an improved app to work in conjunction with it. But that’s not all. According to the press release issued today, they’re also offering the new printer in a silver and gold option. Beyond this, much of the new functionality comes with new app itself. You can now apply filters and templates to your photos. Additionally, you’ll have control of the brightness, contrast and saturation of each photo. On top of that, you can form a collage of up to four images on one print. More specs are after the jump.…….

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Good News for Fujifilm Shooters! – Adobe Updates Lightroom and Photoshop | Dan Bailey

Well, good news! Adobe updated both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC this month, and it looks like Adobe has dramatically improved their X-Trans processing capabilities. It’s not something they announced, but after a few tests, I’m pleased to report that both programs now produce much shaper conversions of Fujifilm RAW files, and they’ve even added color profiles for the new Acros black and white film simulation that were included in the X-Pro 2. Adobe apps automatically apply their own standard Adobe color profile to any RAW file. This means the Fuji film sim you chose for that picture is erased once you open the file in Photoshop or Lightroom. However, you can reapply whatever Fuji color profile you wish under the “Camera Calibration” tab in both programs. Note, they’re not perfect reproductions of the actual Fuji film simulations, but they’re pretty close…..

Source: 06-24-2016 – Good News for Fujifilm Shooters! – Adobe Updates Lightroom and Photoshop

It’s Not Your Camera, It’s Your Lens: How Glass Can Change Your Perspective | Keenan Hastings

Through my short time of shooting I’ve always been faced with the question „What camera do you shoot with?“. When I had my Canon T3i, I hated this question, I felt answering it honestly would cause other photographers to think I was less of a professional. I didn’t know much about the business then, I just knew my camera was one of the cheaper ones, I myself felt inadequate, and because my camera was considered a consumer option I rarely shot with it. After a few months went by I noticed the Canon 60D starting to significantly drop in price, I was able to pick one up a second-hand unit for $500. The first thing I noticed was that it had the dial on the left-hand side of the camera, I remember someone telling me that only the professional cameras had that option, so I was ready to take over the world at that point.At the time I didn’t know this too was an APS-C sensor, I thought I was walking around with top quality, and my lens collection was A+ as well. I had the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 and the Canon 24-105, I was covered in every area and my images were great for my level of experience……

Source: It’s Not Your Camera, It’s Your Lens: How Glass Can Change Your Perspective — KeenanRIVALS

REVIEW: Samyang 8mm Fish Eye Lens Test in Dunbar Harbour | Jeff Carter

This morning a package arrived on my doorstep containing the Samyang 8mm f2.8 Fish Eye lens with a Fujifilm X Mount.  This ultra wide prime lens is far wider than the 10mm end of the Fujinon 10-24mm f4 zoom and gives 180 degree of coverage.  Of course a fish eye lens give a distorted view of the world, the trick is to find suitable subjects.  The first real test will be to capture subjects at next week’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. This blog is just my initial impressions and I will do a complete review when I have finished at working at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. After unpacking the lens I put it on my Fujifilm X-Pro2 and headed down to Dunbar Harbour.  With the tide at its low point, the boats in the harbour were resting on their keels and it meant I could also get down low…….

Source: REVIEW: Samyang 8mm Fish Eye Lens Test in Dunbar Harbour

Fuji X Buyer’s Guide II | Greg Rafferty


This is part two of my three part Fuji X Series Buyer’s guide. Please visit part one to read my introduction to this series and read my thoughts on the wide array of Fuji X cameras that are on the market. As stated in my camera post, the following information is simply my personal opinion on the Fuji lenses that I have used thus far. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive look at every Fuji lens made or third party lenses simply because I haven’t used every single lens out there on the market. I have used a good number of them, though, so I feel this will be a pretty good overview of what’s available along with some information about why I haven’t used some of the others. I’ll give some links at the end of this post to other resources for you to research this topic more if you choose to…….

Source: Fuji X Buyer’s Guide :: Part 2 :: Lenses · DEDPXL | Greg’s Webvault

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