Wedding Shots with X100T | Myung Keun

I am getting married and for our photoshoot we decided to save a bit of money and take the photos ourselves. I recently sold my Sony A7II gear and bought myself an aging but ever-so charming X100T. It was not about the image quality. I just have more fun shooting with an X100T. It’s like wearing a glove that grows on you and fits you more after a certain period of time. With the Sony A7II (I also owned a A7s prior to that) I never had the feeling I was holding an intimate tool, but rather a computing device. Not sure how else to express it. That was all. I knew, that the X100T is not really build for a task like that, but with the additional Teleconverter, I dared to give it a try…..

Source: www.dpreview.com

Fujifilm X70 in Peru: The Sacred Valley | Michael St. Jean

For the second leg of our Peru journey, my son and I climbed aboard a small bus with four other people, a driver and a guide, and set out on an eight hour tour of the Sacred Valley. Small group, beautiful landscape, informative guide: Perfect day! ……

Source: photo.stjeanm.com

Fujifilm X70 Review | Marius Masalar

When the announcement hit that Fuji was adding the X70 to the family, I shrugged and rushed to look at the X-Pro 2 instead. I wasn’t interested in a new compact camera. Then I got a chance to spend a couple of months with the X70, and from the moment I picked it up and started shooting I realized my mistake. The X-Pro 2 is a professional’s dream, but this…this is the camera that’s going to put the X Series in the hands of more people than ever before. X70 vs. X100T: The Obvious Comparison. There are two or three cameras that people have been comparing the X70 to. The most obvious is its own sibling, the X100T, but beyond that we have similar compacts like the Ricoh GR and Sony’s RX100 series. What stands out to me is how well the X70 manages to bring together the best aspects of those cameras…….

Source: mariusmasalar.me

XF35mmF2 | X Stories | FUJIFILM X

XF35mmF2 was announced and released prior to X-Pro2, but the product planning took place concurrently. The fact is, the product planner of X-Pro2 and XF35mmF2 is the same person. Furthermore, the product designer is also the same person. Here is the „Design spec sheet“ for the product planning of X-Pro2. You can see that the XF35mmF2 was always attached to X-Pro2. Likewise in the planning sheet of XF35mmF2, the X-Pro2 was dominantly present. Just as you figure it out, X-Pro2 and XF35mmF2 were planned and developed to be the best match for each other. Up until the announcement of X-Pro2, we have been asked on numerous occasion, „When will the X-Pro1’s successor come out?“ And we have replied „When we see an advancement in all aspect.“ The answer did not only mean the sensor, processor, finder, and etc., but also a best matching standard prime lens…..

Source: fujifilm-x.com

Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X70 | Fujifilm USA

Designed specifically for FUJIFILM X70* to achieve premium image quality comparable to that of the original lens even when wide open at F2.8. Does not affect the minimum working distance in macro photography.

  1. Using the same design as FUJIFILM X70 lenses‘ barrel (color, surface treatment, material) to offer a premium texture consistent with the looks of the camera body.
  2. Does not require an adapter ring to fit the conversion lens…..

Source: www.fujifilmusa.com

Domke and Fujifilm Collaborate on New Camera Bags | Chris Gampat

Sometimes you collaborations between camera bag companies and camera manufacturers (like Leica and ONA) and this time around we’re seeing just time. Fujifilm and Domke are partnering to create new editions of two of their camera bags. The Domke F-5XB and the F-803 are receiving a special refresh for these reasons with special Fujifilm X series branding on the bags. The branding is subtle and sticks with Domke’s overall low profile look. The bags have waxed cotton canvas and leather accents. They come in a RuggedWear sand color and are available in a 10 inch and 13.5 inch variety…….

Source: www.thephoblographer.com

Film Simulation, Revolution by Continuous Evolution | X Stories | FUJIFILM X

The new Film Simulation „ACROS“ has a good reputation, a real good one. We’ve heard people say they would buy the camera just for ACROS alone. We are flattered to hear such comment, but X-Pro2 is too good of a camera to only take monochrome pictures. There are also PROVIA and Velvia in addition to ACROS and B&W. Let’s also not forget about ASTIA, PRO Neg. Hi, PRO Neg. Std. and everyone’s favorite CLASSIC CHROME. These color film simulations also have evolved with the X-Pro2. One of the evolution is the toughness against color supersaturation. All color film simulations saw improvement in the regard, and it is particularly noticeable in Velvia. That vivid Velvia color is still maintained, but the change in color is more expressive with the new algorithm. You can say that it has more „depth“……

Source: fujifilm-x.com

Leaving Nikon for Fujifilm | Bradley Hanson

I’ve been photographing weddings all over the world since 1999. Prior to that, I was shooting for the Seattle weekly papers and doing portraits. In high school, I was the yearbook photographer and developed my own film for my high school newspaper and wrote record reviews. It was only interesting to me, so I’ll skip the details. This is an article about equipment, but I take the same photographs, regardless of the camera. Hasselblad, Leica, iPhone, Holga. I will think about composition differently in it’s a square format or a panoramic format, but I’m always me. The photographer makes the photograph. Photographers should let go of fetishizing the tools used and redirect that energy into the final image. When digital started taking over around 2003, I used to be obsessed with shooting film and considered digital to be an affront to that……

Source: www.fujixpassion.com

Spring a year ago – Landscape photography | Mac Sokulski

It’s been exactly a year ago, when these photographs were taken.  Sometimes I wonder, why it takes me such a long time to share them.  I think it’s the combination of procrastination and being lazy.  It’s not that I don’t want to share, or think these are bad images…. I mean I wouldn’t be sharing them at all if I thought they were bad.  Just that I have a huge back log of images that just sitting in a dropbox folder, all dusted and almost forgotten.  It seems that I must be taking too many images :) I think it’s also a little bit of a memory lane.  Going through the old images and think about the times they were taken.  Funny thing is, I remember exactly what I was doing at that time.  What me and Kasia were talking about.  Yet I can’t remember what I did last week. Funny that…….

Source: www.miksmedia.photography

Lightroom Vs Fuji | Sean McCormack

We as Fujifilm users have a bit of a love hate relationship with Adobe and Lightroom. The combined asset management and image development makes for a great workflow environment, but the way Fujifilm X files are handled can be a little tear inducing at times. Previews especially take much longer to generate and read than normal Bayer Array based sensors. Even at Import, you have to wait while the tiny thumbnails load one at a time into the image preview area. If you’re Importing from a card where images have already been imported, it also takes ages for Lightroom to find the ‘Suspected Duplicates’ and show them as already imported. Other camera systems seem to zip along in comparison. Once the previews have been created on Import, everything runs the same as any other camera system……

Source: fujilove.com

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