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X-Pro1 – Cologne Cathedral at night | Michael on Digital Photography Review

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My first outing with the Fuji (after selling all my Nikon D700 gear) for a test shooting in Cologne: 8 x 3 Shots (+1 / 0 / -1 BKT) with 60mm in Velvia Film Simulation and DR200.


I stitched each set of exposures first then loaded the single-exposure-panoramas as layers and played around a bit with masks
(all Photoshop)

I find the resolution from the in cam panos is to low. The benefit of high res is that you can use iso 6400 for example and still get impressive print sizes… At least that was the case with my d700 and the xpro is compareable if not better due to more megapickles…

The reason for the 60 mm was the distance to the object of at least 300 or more meters…
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Night shots in London | Jakub Puchalski

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I had only half an hour to walk along the Thames and grab a few shots. All pictures were taken with Fujifilm X-Pro1 set to ISO 6400.
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The Fuji X-Pro1 in low or difficult light | Marc-André Pauzé

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On recent outing with the family, I had some chances to test the Fuji X-Pro1 in difficult situations of shade and sun or low light. Well, from my point of view its performance are fantastic….


About Marc-André:

Marc-André Pauzé is an award-winning photo reporter whose mission is to explore, document and share the human story by means documentary photography to inform, honour and reminisce. His journeys provided him with suitcases full of stories and photographs. His tales of the human condition are told through his eyes, his heart and his camera lens.
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B&W Wedding in Colorado | Santiago Escobedo

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Great opportunity to shoot a documentary style wedding for a few close friends.

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Fuji X-Pro1 Black and White | Kevin Mullin

Fuji X-Pro1 Black and White:  One of the things that excited me about the Fuji X-Pro1 is its magnificent Black and White image handling, especially at high ISO levels.  The Fuji X-Pro1 Black and White photographs are just beautiful and its primarily for this reason that I tend to shoot in JPG rather than RAW when using the camera.
Whilst the Fuji X100 produced some amazing black and white images, the X-Pro1 has taken it to a new level in my mind.  I’m using the camera a lot now at weddings and when the time is right, shoot entirely black and white JPGs. This first image was shot at a recent wedding at Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire.  The bridal room is large and spacious, but for any of you who have been there, you will know its actually quite dark too.  The image was shot on the XF18mm F2 lens at f/2 at 3200 ISO.  The beauty of the camera as a stealth machine has been well documented and I really enjoy using it during bridal prep time.  The size and weight really allow you effectively sneak into places you may well not have so much confidence doing with an SLR.

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Fujifilm X Pro1 meets Melbourne Australia | Leight Diprose Photography

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My last visit to Melbourne was full of dark and gloomy scenes. As I walked the streets in the blanket of rain I managed to capture the little amount of available light using the Fujifilm X Pro 1 handheld. It was the camera and me. What more could a traveller want? Usually I would be carrying around my Canon 1D MKIV with a wide angle or even a prime to shoot a bustling city however the ease and portability of the X Pro 1 allowed for a more enjoyable travelling experience. Compared to my Canon I was amazed at the image quality – especially with the higher ISO settings.

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X-Pro 1 – High ISO evening shots of Bordeaux | Photo Madd

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I went out with the X-Pro 1 and the 18mm f/2.0 lens late evening into Bordeaux to take a few high-ISO sample shots. Don’t judge the photos, I’m not all that great at cityscape composition! All shots were taken at between ISO 1600 and 3200 as detailed in the descriptions. I’m constantly surprised at how well the X-Pro 1 performs in low light at high ISO ratings, so much so that I forget I can’t push my other cameras in the same way!

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Fujifilm X-Pro1 – test shots with Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro L | Fotopolis.pl – Polish Magazine | Google translater

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Summary: …  very impressed with the performance. Up to ISO 1600 can be photographed without any major concerns about the quality of images. The next two plots 3200 and 6400 also looks good against the competition. Image detail is high even up to ISO 12800.

+ Low noise up to ISO 3200
+ Reproduction of detail to the ISO 6400

(Polish Magazine – Google translation)

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More High ISO Photos With The Fuji X-Pro1 | Patrick Leong

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This is a quick post. I thought I’d share some photos taken at night with the Fuji X-Pro1. We all know that the X-Pro1 has great high ISO capability but this is to show you the high ISO capability in more real world use. If you want a more controlled test, you can check out my post about the high ISO capability of the Fuji X-Pro1. I’m actually really enjoying using this camera, and haven’t had significant issues with it other than the ones that I mentioned in my Fuji X-Pro1 review.
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Fuji X-Pro1 High ISO Test And Capability | Patrick Leong

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I had a few requests to see more of the high ISO capability of the Fuji X-Pro1, so here are a few shots taken from 100 to 25600 ISO.  If you want to see my other short post about high ISO from the X-Pro1 please go HERE.  You can also read my review of the Fuji X-Pro1 as well.  As you all know, the Fuji X100 was a killer when it came to high ISO shots. The X-Pro1 not only ads more megapixels, it’s also a high ISO king as well.
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