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One day in powridise | Francois Marclay

A foggy and snowy day spent with my homies shredding together and snapping a couple pictures along the way with my pocket camera. Once again the Fuji X-E1 and XF 23mm f/1.4R proved to be a great combo despite the dumping snow and cold conditions. Check the whole series here……

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Fujifilm Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4

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Full Review: Fujifilm X-E2 the Greatest ILC? | Bigheadtaco

I had just returned from my Tokyo trip with the wife. I took 3 cameras with me (Leica X-VARIO, Ricoh GR-D IV, Minolta CLE) and spent a whole month shooting and testing these cameras. I had a lot of fun. As soon as I got back home (2 days later), my special ordered Ricoh GR Limited Edition arrived from Gastown Photo. I was ready to start shooting again. Another day later, a new camera appeared at my door from Fuji. How excited was I to review the new-ish Fujifilm X-E2? Was I tired of reviewing cameras? No way! I was pumped to start putting this camera to the test, especially comparing image quality with the Leica X-VARIO and my newly acquired Ricoh GR Limited Edition. All 3 cameras are very different, but they all share one thing in common: they all use a APS-C size sensor. How did the X-E2 compare? …..

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X Factor – With ‘Altitude’! | Kerry Hendry

Wow, what a busy time it’s been recently! The crazy storms at Christmas and the quite frankly, manky weather ever since!!! Lots of exciting news to share with you – firstly major congratulations to my dear friend Catherine Connor and the team at Aspire Photography Training – who were awarded the ‘Best Photography Training Company’ by the SWPP this year, for the second year running. Go girls!!!! I’m really proud to be part of the Aspire training team and delighted to announce we’re running the Business Portrait seminars again this year in May, August and November. Come join us as we say NO to boring business photography, and YES to stylish workplace images, carefully created to give any business a visual boost! There are also some brand new seminars in the LTI/Aspire pipeline – so watch this space!! And while the girls in The Lakes have been demonstrating their own unique X-Factor, I’ve been testing a bit of my own!!! ……

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Old Meets New – X-Pro1 + Nikkor 105mm — Calgary Photographer |
Nathan Elson

Adapting off brand lenses to specific camera’s is nothing new, people have been doing it for years, but this was my first real crack at testing some legacy glass on the X-Pro1, so I thought I would share some images from the shoot and some thoughts on the overall process. This story begins some time ago when I was browsing the consignment area over at The Camera Store and noticed a Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 ai-s just sitting there looking lonely with a nice little price tag attached to it. It tugged on my heart strings a little (not really) so I scooped it up along with the Metabones NF-X adapter and set out to start planning a shoot to test this new combo……

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Fuji X-T1: First batch of gallery images posted | Imaging Resource

I got lucky, and was the only person at IR headquarters when the Fuji X-T1 arrived. Who was going to stop me from taking it out for a weekend stroll?!? We’ll have you our lab First Shots soon, but in the mean time head over to our Fuji X-T1 gallery page and dive right in for some real world examples of what the X-T1 is capable of delivering. Our test sample didn’t arrive with a kit lens, so I shot with the Fuji XF 35mm f/1.4 lens, and tried for a good variety of shot types, field depths and ISOs given the short time that I had for this initial batch……

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Fujifilm X-T1 real-world samples gallery |
Digital Photography Review

A factory-fresh Fujifilm X-T1 arrived in our office last week, and editor Barnaby Britton spent the weekend trying it out, taking a range of sample images in different environments, with several lenses. Highlights of the X-T1’s specification include a 16MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor with on-chip phase detection, high-resolution EVF and 8 fps continuous shooting with AF tracking. Click the links below to view our gallery and detailed first-impressions review…..

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Passing | Matt Walton

A week and a half ago, my wife’s grandmother passed away. They were very close, as she was and is to all of her grandparents. As her grandfather had already passed, the house now stands empty. Well, that’s not entirely true. Though the physical presence of her grandparents are gone, the memories and the reminders of love still fill the home. It is fascinating to see what people keep near to them. Her chair was her home base…..

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Retrospective: My X100 | Simon Read

In 2012 I made a big decision, to ditch my dslr in favour of a small compact that had just hit the market with very little known about it. On paper the camera sounded like everything I wanted at the time, a compact with all the controls a photographer needs to hand and in a small body. My dslr was starting to be a pain, heavy and cumbersome to use with simple photographic needs stuffed in menu after menu. I just wanted a great travel photography camera that didn’t give me a back ache but gave me great images. With trips to Italy and Japan planned, I decided to take a big chance, im not rich so laying down £1000 is a big deal to me. I’ve no regrets. The first real test was a trip to Italy followed by Japan. At the time I was very interested in way a using shadow as composition, the little X100 was a joy to use allowing me to focus on the concept. Not only was I able to do conceptual photographs but the standard style of photographic images were fantastic in terms of colour and sharpness…….

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Winter in Belgium… or some of it – Fuji 18-55 mm, 35 mm and ND filter | Régis Lessent

Winter in Belgium is way different in 2013 than it was in 2012. We reached the 15°C when last years it was… -10°C! Therefore, last year’s white mantel let place to water, fog and sun. The short days and christmas decorations helped to play with the high iso settings or long exposures. I recently bought the 18-55mm lens. As I never had a wide angle / zoom lens before, (except on this test) it took me a few shots before getting confortable with it. In fact, to tell the truth, I’m still not confortable with it… but at least I now like it. Because, yes, two weeks after I bought it, I tought I would sell it back. Compared to the 35mm 1.4 it wasn’t fast enough and I wasn’t taking any good picture, neither wide nor zoomed. Now I know a bit better when to use it or not. I know how fast it focuses at 18mm and what to expect from the image stabilisation. Now I know my 35mm is still the best, in low light and how versatile the 18-55mm is. Two more things I prefer about the 35 is it’s size and it’s marked aperture ring. One more thing. I bought a ND filter for long exposures and wide aperture in full light. The seller told me a 64x would be ok. He was right… and not right. It works for long aperture under a cloudy sky but not on a sunny day. I didn’t have the chance to try the wide aperture in full light yet. FYI I put the ND filter on the 35mm……

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Is this the world’s first Fujifilm X-T1 wedding photographs? |
JC Crafford

I had the honour of shooting my wedding yesterday with a pre production Fujifilm X-T1. It was a very special day for me, not only was it my 200th wedding, it was also my first wedding without a Canon in my hand. I had the XT-1 since it’s launch on Wednesday and decided to leave my Canon Mk3 and Mk 2 at home yesterday when I went to my wedding, instead I used the Fujifilm X-T1 as my main camera and a Fujifilm X-E2 as my second camera. I am definitely sure that this is the first wedding in South Africa shot with a X-T1, the camera was only launched 3 days ago and there is only two in the country. It will be interesting to know if somebody else has photographed a wedding with the XT-1 since it’s launch. I took the following lenses with me:

  • Fujinon XF 56mm F1.2R
  • Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4 R
  • Fujinon XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS

I’m not going to try and do a review of anything here, I don’t find reviews interesting, and what’s more, there are people in the world that knows a lot more about this kind of stuff than I do…I’ll leave it to them. I use a camera because I like the look and feel and the way my photos turned out. So, that means that  I like absolutely everything about the Fujifilm X-T1……..

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