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Fine Art Photography | Thomas Menk

Fuji X-Pro1 samples with 35mm and 18-55mm.

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Fuji-X-Pro1 on Twitter | Thomas Menk

Aspects of Digital Photography focusing on the Fuji X-Pro1, X-E1 and X100s – photographer, reviews, samples and more …

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Back from my Holidays | Thomas Menk

… two week without internet, without electricity, without shopping centers and still very close to civilisation – pleasant experience! Thx for all caring mails and messages about my abstinence – now I’m back again :-)

Thomas Menk

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Curation of meaningful Fuji X-Pro1 reviews | Thomas Menk

More than 250 curated reviews since Feb. 2012!

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Curation of meaningful Fuji X-E1 reviews | Thomas Menk

If you are looking for meaningful Fuji X-E1 reviews on the web, following my curation here on

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Autumn in Germany | Thomas Menk

… the last beautiful days of autumn with the X-Pro1

Do you read the manual? Tip 9 – Deleting Multiple Pictures |
Fujifilm Digital Camera X-Pro1 Owner’s Manual

Page 65: Deleting Pictures

The ERASE option in the playback menu can be used to delete individual pictures, multiple selected pictures, or all pictures.
Press MENU/OK during playback to display the playbacj menu, then press the selector up or down to highlight ERASE and press right to display the following options. Press the selector up or down to hightlight an option and press MENU/OK to select.


SELECTED FRAMES: Highlight pictures and press MENU/OK to select or deselect. When the operation is complete, press DISP/BACK to display a confirmation dialog, then hightlight OK and press MENU/OK.

Italy | Thomas Menk

Some shots from a short trip to Venice and Tuscany this year.

Helmut Newton Collection | Thomas Menk

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A Collection of Helmut Newton on Pinterest

Helmut Newton, born Helmut Neustädter (October 31, 1920 – January 23, 2004) was a German-Australian photographer. He was a prolific, widely imitated fashion photographer whose provocative, erotically charged black-and-white photos were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications


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