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Fujifilm X-T2 | James Day

I remember coming home most days to see my dad sitting in front of the TV, watching the bold and the beautiful while flipping through the latest issue of the B&H Catalogue. The catalogue was filled with hundreds of cameras, lenses, accessories and basically was designed to slowly convince you that you needed the latest Minolta APO-G Lenses, at least that’s what happened to my dad.I remember picking out my first camera in that catalogue. We then went to visit Photo Continental in Brisbane to sus it out. Then I had to wait most of the year before dad would finally buy it for me for Christmas. This camera was a Minolta Vectis 40. It cost around $600 at the time from memory. These days, they’re going for $23.03 on eBay.Anyway, this started my love affair for new gear. The reason I loved the Vectis 40, was because it had a new system called Advantix, which was the latest, greatest way of shooting film at the time. It gave you lots of different cropping options and made shooting film fun again.These days I’m a total gear hound. I have cupboards filled with random gear. Stuff I use regularly, stuff that’s there for a rainy day and stuff that I just should never have purchased…..

Source: Fujifilm X-T2 – James Day | Daylight Sydney Wedding Photography

Fuji X-Pro 2 for Wedding Photography and Street Photography | Shotkit

The Fuji X-Pro 2 recently burst onto the scene, hailed by some as a game-changer and as a potentially perfect street and wedding camera.As wedding and street photographers ourselves we have been considering our next move in the camera market for quite some time and, from a pre-release read of the camera’s specs, the Fuji X-Pro2 swiftly grabbed our attention.On the face of it the camera had everything we were looking for, certainly in a street photography camera and perhaps for weddings too. And so, before flying out for our long-arranged street trip to Cuba in March, we scoured the inter-webs and (after much searching amongst some seriously high demand) managed to purchase ourselves two brand new Fuji X-Pro2’s to take with us on our travels…..

Source: Fuji X-Pro 2 for Wedding Photography and Street Photography

Fuji Xpro2 – four month’s on | Michael Gane

Four months on and 12 wedding’s now covered using the Fuji Xpro2, many of my reader’s have read my reviews about my experiences using this mirrorless camera and checked out the images I have posted, well I thought I would provide an update and a few more photos from a recent wedding taken just outside the City of Bath. I’ll do my best to provide as many hands on details as possible however as usual please don’t expect a comprehensive article, this blog will run through the positive and yes some of the more frustrating challenges I have experienced whist using and loving the Xpro2 camera…….

Source: Fuji Xpro2 – four month’s on — Stunning Wedding Photography Somerset, Bath and Bristol

Christie & Derrick | Riley Joseph

I do not advertise myself as a ‘wedding photographer’. In fact, I only refer to myself as a photographer (& gentleman) because I do not want to constrict what I do. A few months before, I received an unexpected call from one of my oldest friends, Derrick. He was tying the knot and due to unforeseen circumstances he and his fiancée, Christie, were without a photographer only a few months before their wedding. In the past I have turned down weddings. But for this wedding the math was just right……

Source: Christie & Derrick by Riley Joseph

Wedding Photography Bath – Fuji Xpro2 | Michael Gane

Well, I’m really loving the Fuji Xpro2, its been several weeks now using this fabulous camera, its another fuji camera in the X range, as many of you may already know I have been a Fuji wedding Photographer for about 3 years now and I’m a reel fan of these mirrorless cameras. This Gallery is a few images that I photographed at a wedding in Bath a couple of weeks ago, as usual, rather than produce a detailed Blog about the settings I use and information with regards to the technical details (Plenty on line if you need to read this) I like to show the images from the camera. We were very lucky with the days weather, the lighting was just wonderful, I was shooting in Full manual as this is how I like to photograph wedding’s, the camera is fast, light and the detail is stunning, hope you enjoy…….

Source: Wedding Photography Bath – Fuji Xpro2 — Stunning Wedding Photography Somerset, Bath and Bristol

Wedding Photography Fuji Xpro2 | Michael Gane

After over 20 years documenting wedding’s its quite natural to understand the process, although you would think that each wedding is the same, believe it or not; I still get butterflies the week before, its a good thing (I keep telling myself) because just as an actor gets nervous before going on stage, it ensures that I never take this responsibility lightly, after all its my clients special day and I have to be, want to be on the ball! If you have read my other blogs with regards to my personal experiences using the Xpro2, you would know that I’m a full time wedding (Professional) photographer, I use the term professional in the correct sense as its my only profession, unfortunately these days the term is used very lightly however I personally feel that photography is an ongoing journey always learning and finding new and interesting ways to capture light……..


3 Chapters and 3 Years of Friendship | V. Opoku

One of the most rewarding things about what I do is the fact that I get to become friends with strangers from all over the world. Isabelle, Florent and I met in person for the first time 3 years ago, just one day before their wedding and we’ve remained friends ever since. During that period, we’ve shared some fun moments together including celebrating a friend’s wedding, Bastille Day under the Eiffel Tower one summer evening and helping Florent put their kitchen together. In fact, their home has become my home whenever I am in Paris. And as fate would have it, I happened to be in Paris at the “right time” on various occasions – one during the latter stages of Isabelle’s pregnancy and the other around Yaelle’s first few months. However, doing a maternity and baby shoot was not something we planned in advance, they just happened, right there on the spot ; “my flight is in a few hours, should we grab some frames before I head out?”…….


Using a Fuji X-Pro2 at a real wedding |  David McClelland

I’m delighted to share with you this wedding of Aoife and Patrick at The G Hotel in Galway. I’d never been to The G and I’m sure that anyone who has been there can agree with me that it’s all a little bit of a shock to the senses when you walk inside. No two rooms are the same, every wall seems to be either a different colour or texture. It’s a very fun place and for a photographer, quite the playground. I was blessed with Aoife and Patrick because they wanted to keep things nice and simple. So simple in fact that Aoife didn’t care about getting a shot of the dress on a hanger or shoes sitting on a box. She wasn’t worried or concerned with getting shots of the girls helping her into her dress. No, all Aoife and Patrick wanted from their photography was that it was natural, and of the moment – with a few creative shots added to the mix later when we had some time to play with. Music to my ears. There was a little bit of added fun to the day with the fact that this was my first wedding I shot with the Fuji X-Pro 2. I’ll leave a bit of space at the bottom of the blog to tell those interested about my experiences if you’re interested…….


My 2015 | V. Opoku

I know most people usually put their end of year review together in December or early January, but I to like to sit on things for a little while longer. I prefer to be 3 or 4 weeks into the new year before I take a moment to reflect on the previous on. So how was my 2015? It was filled with highs & lows and a new beginning. The year started of on a high, things fizzled out a little in the middle and then ended on a high. The Start: I became an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer, was selected as a member of X100C and got featured on ShotKit. I had an epic 4  days in Paris where I photographed my favorite engagement session to date – Monique + Paul, then Sylvana + Jeremy’s beautiful wedding as well as a spontaneous & unconventional maternity session with Isabelle + Florent. I had weddings published in Asiana Magazine and on a few other online wedding blogs. The likes of Thomas Menk, Patrick and Heather & Mathieu continued to curate my work and shared with their audience, I earned new contacts…….


A year in review…. | Scott Williams

As we begin 2016 I thought it might be nice to take a look back at how great 2015 was! I had a bunch of amazing couples and weddings at some of the best wedding venues in Toronto and Ontario including Fermenting Cellar, Hessenland Country Inn, Bruce Hotel, One King West, Liberty Grand, Waterloo Region Museum, One King West (again!) The Tannery, Copper Creek Golf Course, The Stirling Room, 99 Sudbury, Ancaster Mill, Federation Hall and WhistleBear Golf Course as well as weddings across ontario including Tobermory and Windsor. Now, usually I do a slideshow for these year end posts but this year I thought I’d try something different and post 10 of my favourite images.  Wow… it was way tougher to pick 10 than I thought.   So many great moments from the year but I finally managed to whittle it down to my favourite 10 (in no particular order!) …….


Fuji X-T1 Graphite Silver

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