TCL-X100, Some thoughts and more | Jorge Ledesma

Photography is all about our vision, its a way of seeing, a way of interpreting, a way to engage with our surroundings. Some of us feel great with 28mm, others with 35mm or 50mm, and yet others with 85mm. These are the four focal lengths that pretty much define the way I see the world in some way, shape, or form. Personally, I’ve shot all four but I always ended up coming back to the 35mm but with that said I’m now warmed up to the 50mm. Is it a sin to be a multi focal length lover? No, I love the 35mm field of view and I love the 50mm as well, so much so, I ended up getting the X100S and the XF 35mm 1.4R but now I’m rethinking my kit. The way I see it, my X100S has now become my primary go to camera for pretty much everything; daily shooting, details (macros, the focus of the images below), and environmental portraits. A few weeks ago, I had discarded the new TCL-X100, the upcoming Telephoto Conversion Lens for X100 & X100s but today I’m rethinking it alongside the WCL for the wider 28mm field of view for landscapes and more…….

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