Test Driving the Fujifilm X-Pro1 | Deron Chang

My Goal: Replace my aging 1D Mark II body.

Reason: I want something lighter and more discrete than this overweight Canon beast. I get paid for my photography, but only enough to offset equipment costs. It is a passion more than a profession.

I am renting a Fuji X-Pro1 right now. I have had it for about 48 hours and 500 shots. I wanted to write this blog as much to organize my thoughts and help me to more objectively make a decision and to offer anyone who cares an opinion about the Fuji. Here are my observations in order of importance:

1. AF:
AF is fine on the Fuji despite its terrible AF reputation. It is slower to lock on to the subject than the 1D and m4/3 bodies, but here is the kick: it is more accurate. When taking photos of my kids playing LEGOs this morning, here are my unscientific data:

60% of shots are in focus on the Fuji X-Pro1
75% of shots are in focus on my Panasonic GH2 m4/3
95% of shots are in focus on my oldest 1D mk II body.

True, I miss moments with the Fuji as it attempts to focus, but the Panasonic GH2 tells me I am in focus when I am not actually in focus. I know immediately that I have missed a shot with the Fuji since the red box clearly tells me that it has not locked focus. (And I admit that it shows the red box more than I would like it to.) However, since I only know that the GH2 has missed focus when I am viewing the images later on a computer screen, this is a much worse situation. This screening process typically happens long after the event has passed, then I have no chance of capturing the event. In a sense, because the GH2 fools me into thinking I have captured the moment when I haven’t, I really miss more moments with the GH2. With the Fuji, I know it has failed me immediately and then I can try to remedy the situation right in the moment. In my mind, that is a better situation. By the way, I am not shocked that the 1D bests them both, but that’s what you get for the size, form, and extra cash outlay, of a professional dSLR body……

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