Tethered Shooting With The Fuji X-T1 | Arno Jenkins

Last week Fujifilm quietly released the plugin allowing Fuji X-T1 users to shoot tethered to Adobe Lightroom. I have been patiently waiting for this feature since I switched to Fuji from Canon. So was the wait worth it? For me the answer is yes. When I’m in the studio shooting products or portraits viewing the image on a big screen seconds after it’s taken is worth the small price of the software. It speeds up my entire process. I can see if things are in focus, what the lighting truly looks like, and if the client is in the room they can approve the image right then. I’m sure for some people the fact that Fuji is charging $29.00 for this plugin is an immense turnoff, but for me it’s a small price to pay for all the time it saves me.What does this plugin do, and what does it not do? It allows you to click the shutter button from within Lightroom without touching the camera and it transfers the image into Lightroom instantaneously. That’s it. It does not let you control or make any changes to the camera settings. You can apply a “Develop Setting” as the images are imported into Lightroom by selecting which Preset you want to apply, if any……

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Fuji X-T1

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