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Let’s start by being controversial. I don’t think there is such thing as the best camera. I’ve owned many cameras and I continue to review cameras for this site. If there is something I’ve learned it’s that the best camera doesn’t exist. When someone asks me for recommendations, my answer will differ depending on the person and their needs. Sometimes I say go for the Fuji X100s, sometimes for the Alpha 6000 or sometimes something else. There is not a one size fits all camera. I remember when I was raving about my Ricoh GRD IV, while most people were happy with their purchase, a few peeps didn’t like it at all and didn’t get what all the rage was about. The thing is, cameras are like partners. If you have a boyfriend/girfriend, they might be the perfect fit for you, but for somebody else, not so much. This is the same for cameras, some cameras might fit you, others might not……..
I once asked what the best film camera was. While there are a few names that pop up here and there, many people chose cameras that I would never chose. This is to show there IS such a thing as the best camera for YOU. It’s all about finding the camera you love.


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Having sold my X-T1 and lenses to get a 7D Mk II, two L Series lenses, grip, fastest CF card and other bits, I realised that the X-T1 was MY perfect camera.

It’s not perfect in some situations but it suits me and what I want to do. It cost me a lot of money to realise that I shouldn’t listen to reviews and opinion blindly and try stuff before commiting my cash to it.

For some people in certain situations the 7D Mk II will suit them better but then „each to their own“ „horses for courses“ and „one man’s meat is another man’s poison“ to quote a few pertinent phrases.

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