The Fuji X-E1 Review: An X-Pro1 For The Mainstream Audience |
Patrick Leong

So again, overall, the build quality of this camera is what I have come to expect from Fuji.  When compared to the X-Pro1, I would say that the X-Pro1 has a more solid or confident feel to it.  This could be because the X-Pro1′s entire body is made out of magnesium where as only the top and bottom plate of the X-E1 are made from this material.  The X-Pro1 feels slightly better built but what do you expect?  It’s priced 40% higher than the X-E1.  But this should not deter anyone from purchasing the Fuji X-E1 because it is a solid, and wonderful camera that’s very rewarding to own. What are other differences between these two cameras?  Well, while the LCD on the X-E1 is smaller, and lower in resolution than the X-Pro1′s, the X-E1 does offer a few things that the X-Pro1 does not.  For example, the X-E1 offers an electronic remote release, built in diopter, an external microphone jack, and a built-in pop up flash.  However, the X-E1 does not offer an X-sync terminal, and it also does not have the shutter speed dial lock of the X-Pro1 that I mentioned before.  The X-E1 also does not have a hybrid viewfinder but Fuji found a great way the remedy this…..
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