The Fuji X Pro 1 and Nikkor Lenses part V | Jim Gamblin

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Nikon has made a number of 28mm lenses over the years. The most illustrious is undoubtedly the 28mm f/1.4 AF-D. In the past I usually avoided the 28mm focal length in favor of the 24mm and 20mm lenses. When the 17-35mm Super Wide Zoom came out in the mid nineties, it quickly came to be my “go to” wide angle lens.

When I began trying out my Nikkor lenses with the Fuji X Pro 1, this was one lens, that I had not anticipated becoming one of my favorites. The focal length with APS-C sized sensor, gives a cropped field of view of around a 42mm equivalent. Kind of ho hum area. However it has been a joy shooting with it. All of the things that I liked about it before seem almost better now with the Fuji’s sensor. Funny how some of the lenses I had great expectations which were not fulfilled and then others surprised me in good ways…

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