The Fuji X-Pro1 and I get acquainted… | Paul Archer

So i have had the Fuji XPro-1 camera in my hands for about 5 days now, i instantly fell in love with it. Now i am not really a technical photographer, i know what i like and generally like what i know. So changing my work flow is a challenge ,I use Capture One Pro, a Canon 5D Mk2/3 and a Hassleblad with P65 DigiBack when Budget allows… but for this little box of magic i was going to change my processing ways, but now i dont have to, Capture One will support this beauty. I only have the 18mm lens for now and i don’t really like a wide lens, but, i LOVE this… Its simple. This isn’t a review, more a proclamation of love. But all this is pointless really so lets look at some picture. (BTW i have never done any street photography so this is a first for me, encouraged by the Fuji XPro-1

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