The Music of the Night – the Noctilux | David Knoble

This is from the song, The Music of the Night, from the Phantom of the Opera.  It remains one of my favorite broadway songs, but more particularly, it describes the use of the Noctilux lenses by Leica.  I use the Canadian design carrying a maximum aperture of f/1.0.  This lens was made from 1978 through 2008 before the Noctilux f/0.95 was released.  One of the major differences between these lenses is the soul of the lens.  The f/0.95 lens has the more modern crispness about it, while the f/1.0 retains that classical look with classical aberrations.  I liken the use of the Noctilux to the draw from the Phantom in his music, luring us to the night……


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