The New Fuji 90mm f 2 – A Hands On Review | Bill Fortney

It’s approximately 4.5 inches long, excluding the hood. It takes 62mm filters  (this is important – more on that later!). It has the heft of a slightly heavier 56mm f 1.2. It’s supplied with a metal bayonet hood like the 60mm Macro. F stop range is f 2 to f 16. Minimum focus distance is less than 4 feet (more on that later). The focus ring is exceptionally smooth and firm. The aperture ring has good solid 1/3 stops detests like the 50-140. It balances well with the X-T1 with or without the battery holder. It is one of the most solid feeling Fuji lenses yet!!!……


Fujinon XF Lenses

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