Le Flux de travail du photographe | Marc-André Pauzé

Summary: When I come back from a reportage or an exploration, there is a crucial process to begin in organizing my work as a documentary photographer. I must recover my digital photographs, install them on multiples hard drives, store and organize the management of the files and metadatas (captions, keywords, ©) and to optimize and tone my images before showing them to the world.In most case, we have learned this workflow with a lot of mistakes. One of us had the brilliant idea to produce a wonderful piece of work where he explain all his workflow in a clear and digestible format.
Gavin Gough, a professional travel photographer has just made available a magnificent learning product in a pdf, but also supplementing the book with Lightroom Presets, links to video teaching and more to make all this an easy and comprehensible process. From all the books I have read, and there was many, believe me, none where that well made and designed. If that book had been around, I know a girlfriend who would have spent much less time watching me learn all this from scratches.

“The photographer’s Workflow” has 130 pages of clear and easy to understand informations on the post-production work of a professional photographer. It is available to download from the links down here, for 30$. And for those that will order it on december 6 and 7 and will use the coupon code photowork20, will benefit an instant bonus and will have it for an introductory rate of 20$.

You can order it from this links

See Marc-André’s article on waseyaimages.net

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